Energy Change

Coal train in the forest | © @ traveller 1116 Major megatrends shaping today's world include demographic change, urbanization, globalization and energy change. These megatrends are interdependent and likely to only reveal their ultimate effects over a period of decades.

The conservation, management and efficient use of energy resources is possibly the single biggest megatrend of our time. Forecasts expect energy consumption to increase by over 70 percent up to 2020. Yet fast-depleting fossil fuel resources, rising energy demand and concerns about the environment all insist on alternative and timely energy solutions being found to meet the world’s changing energy requirements.

The pressing challenge of sustainable energy provision is one born of a range of long-term global megatrends and harsh energy truths. Transforming this energy vision into a renewable energy age reality is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century, with global demand for energy expected to lead to a dramatic increase in energy prices in the medium to long term. As a result, dependence on energy imports will also increase significantly. This in turn will lead to increased greenhouse gas emissions - the current energy mix accounting for approximately 80 percent of all emissions at present.

Renewable energy sources provide a number of answers to the difficult energy questions being asked as the world strives to create a sustainable, secure and environmentally friendly energy supply for the future.

Smart solutions developed in Germany are providing innovative answers to the challenges created by an energy landscape in transformation.


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