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Smart Energy

What is Smart? Smart Energy

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The "Internet of Energy" Model

Smart meters measure, manage and communicate energy demand. | © GTAI The variable nature of power generation from renewable energy sources requires that networks, generation and consumption are connected in an efficient and intelligent way.

To date, power supply has been governed by the consumption-oriented generation model. Because power will be increasingly generated from renewable energy sources in the future, it is necessary to move towards a so-called "Internet of Energy" model. This model is based on principles of smart power generation, smart power grids, smart storage, and smart consumption.

Interdisciplinary technologies: digital collection, processing and networking of data | © GTAI

Source: Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy

Smart Grids

Germany is at the forefront in international smart grid development. Intelligent networks or "smart grids" allow fluctuating renewable energy power generation and consumption to be optimally managed by allowing a shift from "consumption-oriented generation" to "generation-optimized consumption."

Information and communication-based technologies (ICT) will play a central role in connecting the different parts of the energy system. By setting fundamental standards, products and services provided by businesses from diverse industry sectors will be able to intelligently communicate with each other, allowing the smart grid system to be incrementally expanded with the addition of new modules and products.

All appliances connected to the power grid are added to the control system like a "plug-and-play" application. This allows a completely integrated data and power network to be created. Intelligent ICT solutions will allow smart grids to efficiently manage power generation, consumption and storage in tandem with so-called "smart meters."

Smart Meters

ICT solutions form the basis for the smart integration of electricity flow into the power supply system of the future.  Within the Internet of Energy model, meters no longer simply measure consumption or grid power for billing purposes but also communicate with the different "E-Energy Network" nodes to automatically harmonize power generation, grid load and electricity consumption.

Germany's Energy Concept - Road Map for the Renewable Age

Germany's Energy Concept; Road Map for the Renewable Age | © GTAI Germany's ambitious and far-reaching Energy Concept provides a comprehensive road map for the creation of a truly genuine "renewable energy age."