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With approximately EUR 4 trillion market volume in 2015, the global market for electrical and electronic products and systems is the world’s biggest commodities market. The German market is Europe’s biggest, and the fifth largest worldwide with around EUR 123 billion market volume in the same year. Employing a workforce of more than 1.5 million at home and abroad, Germany’s electrical and electronics firms manufacture more than 100 thousand different products and systems ranging from microelectronic components to electrical household appliances, automation systems, lamps and luminaires, electronic medical equipment, and automotive electronics. Have a look at our numbers and see what we have to offer. With our infrastructure, exceptional work force, and access to a rapidly growing market, we will plug you in!

Latest Publications

Fact Sheet: Photonics in Germany | © GTAI Fact Sheet: Photonics in Germany | Issue 2017/2018

Germany is Europe’s leading photonics nation, with more than 41 percent of continental production. More

Fact Sheet: Microelectronics in Germany | © GTAI Fact Sheet: Microelectronics in Germany | Issue 2017/2018

Germany is a major microelectronics force, securing its place at the top of the international table as Europe’s leading semiconductor production location. More

Electronics and Microtechnology in Germany | © GTAI

Industry Overview: The Electronics & Microtechnology Industry in Germany | Issue 2016/2017

With approximately EUR 3.7 trillion market volume in 2014, the global market for electrical and electronic products and systems is the world’s biggest commodities market. More

Fact Sheet: The Automotive Electronics Industry in Germany | © GTAI Fact Sheet: The Automotive Electronics Industry in Germany | Issue 2016/2017

Germany is recognized the world over as Europe’s economic powerhouse. Its world-class R&D infrastructure, highly qualified workforce and industrial value chain integration. More


Michael Sorkin, General Manager Formlabs GmbH | © Formlabs GmbH/GTAI Michael Sorkin, General Manager - Formlabs GmbH

"Formlabs, the leading manufacturer of accessible 3D printing solutions, chose Germany to establish its European operations. From our EU headquarter in Berlin we are able to work with leading engineering companies to implement 3D printing into their prototyping and digital manufacturing needs. Germany is the land of engineering and the perfect place to develop Formlabs' innovative 3D printing solutions." (2016)

Ed Nabrotzky, Chief Solutions Officer, Omni-ID Inc. | © Omni-ID Inc./GTAI Ed Nabrotzky, Chief Solutions Officer - Omni-ID Inc.

“Germany has long been a thought leader in manufacturing and automation. Most recently, the vision and investment in Industrie 4.0 has started bringing together some very interesting vendors and concepts that we are convinced will play a big part of the future of the plant floor.  Being an engaged part of this ecosystem was a major factor in founding our new German subsidiary last year.“ (2016) .

BAI Li, General Manager, Liaoning Julong Europa | © Liaoning Julong Europa/GTAI BAI Li, CEO - Julong Europe GmbH

"Germany is a high-tech country, one in which we treasure the professionalism, knowledge and high level of education among the workers. Talented workers are the most important conditions for the development of a company and the key element of Germany’s global competitiveness. That is a reason for us to select Germany as an investment location." (2013)

Market Opportunities: 10 Facts

  • Turnover of 179 billion Euro
  • Export share of 51%
  • 853,000 employees in Germany
  • 29 % of all R&D employees in Germany
  • 17.2 billion Euro R&D expenses
  • 44 % Added value over production
  • 1/3 of sales with new products
  • 12,000 Patent applications per year
  • 1/6 of all “hidden champions” in Germany
  • 22% of all Foreign Direct Investment in Germany

Oliver Seiler | © GTAI "Leadership in materials, equipment, and device manufacturing makes Germany an ideal place to bring next-generation electronics to market."

Oliver Seiler, Director Mechanical & Electronic Technologies, Germany Trade & Invest

Market Opportunities: Microelectronics

Microelectronics Network and Cluster Landscape

Germany’s microelectronics sector is organized into strong regional clusters that form a complete industry value chain network responsible for developing the smart, integrated systems required to meet industry’s changing needs.

Microelectronics Network and Cluster Landscape | © Fraunhofer Verbund Microelectronics 2017

Research Fab Microelectronics Germany

Eleven institutes within the Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics and two institutes from the Leibniz Association have developed a concept for a cross-location micro- and nanoelectronics research factory. The “Research Fab Microelectronics Germany” initiative will consolidate the country’s global position in semiconductors and electronics in four future-relevant technology areas (“silicon-based technologies,” “compound semiconductors and special substrates”, “heterointegration,” and “design, testing and reliability”). Industry clients, SMEs and research institutes alike will enjoy access to the complete micro- and nanoelectronics value chain from a single source. As the world’s largest pool for smart system technologies and intellectual property rights, the initiative will strengthen German and European competitiveness in the field. The BMBF has made total funding of EUR 400 million through to 2018 available for the project.

Market Opportunities: Internet of Things

Internet of Things applications are of significant strategic importance for microelectronic manufacturers. According to McKinsey, IoT will create up to USD 11 billion in value added in 2025. This is equivalent to around 11 percent of global economic output; with the most lucrative application markets being the production (up to USD 3.7 billion), cities (USD 1.7 billion) and health economy sectors (USD 1.6 billion). Within Germany, IoT-generated turnover is expected to double in just two years from a forecast level of EUR 24.5 billion in 2018 to more than EUR 50 billion in 2020 according to Deloitte.

Microelectronics in Germany: Internet of Things Turnover Forecast Germany (in € bn.) | © Statista (Technavio; Deloitte) (2017)

The Internet of Things also gives rise to the age of the “connected car” and, ultimately, autonomous vehicles. Car connectivity will enable forays into previously unheard of levels of vehicle automation and management. According to PwC Strategy &, the digital mobility services sector is set to dwarf the smartphone sector by 2030, with USD 2.2 trillion industry value putting it on a par with the e-commerce sector.

Microelectronics in Germany: Usage of microelectronics for vehicles (in USD billion) and its compounded annual growth rates | © German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI) (2017)

Features Germany Investment Magazine

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INDUSTRIE 4.0.: Intelligent factories that run themselves, mass production of customized goods, products that talk to the machines that make them: In the coming decade, the Internet will reach the factory floor, launching a fourth industrial revolution. More

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