Energy Efficiency & Green Building

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Energy Efficiency & Green Building

Germany is widely acknowledged as a global leader in energy efficiency. Favorable government policy, a conducive energy-price environment, and a culture that values efficiency and sustainability have created a thriving energy efficiency market worth over 100 billion euros annually.
A key pillar of Germany’s energy transition is the commitment to halving energy consumption by 2050 while maintaining solid economic growth. This will see substantial new investment in all sectors – but particularly construction, HVAC, and industrial energy efficiency.

Germany's Renewable Energy Revolution

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Germany is Europe’s leading construction market and home to the continent’s largest building stock. A number of drivers have led to a boom in German construction investment and this is largely expected to continue in the foreseeable future.


Energy efficiency in industry

Germany is Europe’s manufacturing powerhouse and consistently emphasizes energy efficiency in industrial production.


Heating, ventilation & cooling

85 percent of the energy consumed by Germany’s private households is used for heating and hot water. With two thirds of the heating systems in Germany considered inefficient, upgrading old systems is a growing priority.


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