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iXPOS – The German Business Portal

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iXPOS, an already established name in the German foreign trade sector, has for many years been the information platform for German companies interested in entering foreign markets. The portal was initiated by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy in cooperation with members of the German Foreign Trade Service Network. Today, iXPOS has over 70 members, including government institutions, industry associations, Chambers of Industry and Commerce as well as embassies and international organizations that promote foreign trade between Germany and the rest of the world.

The iXPOS Portal offers the traditional German section “Ihr Geschäft im Ausland” for German companies looking for information on foreign markets, as well as an English section “Your Business in Germany”, which is targeted to foreign companies hoping to tap into the German market. The new English section contains the merged content of the already known “German Business Portal”, which was the platform offering information about Germany, its industry sectors, market entry requirements and supporting institutions.

The main feature of iXPOS is the Export Community. The iXPOS Export Community offers an interactive marketplace which replaces the services provided by the e-trade-center, the international online marketplace in Germany. Companies specifically interested in buying or selling their products/services or finding new business contacts can benefit by entering their offers on the new online marketplace, free of charge. Furthermore, registered members have the possibility of bookmarking interesting business inquiries or contacting potential business partners directly. The Export Community Forum is an international platform where community members can discuss different foreign trade topics, exchange their experiences, and ask our experts about doing business with Germany.

iXPOS is a service operated by Germany Trade & Invest on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy.