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Automotive & Aviation

Germany’s automotive industry is the largest in Europe and world renowned as the primary location for innovative car manufacturers and suppliers. With aircraft production on a constant upswing, aerospace opportunities in Germany are sky-high.


Chemical Industry

Germany’s technological tradition starts with chemical products. These building blocks - be it new materials, energy efficient processes or solution-driven engineering expertise –


Consumer Industries

Thanks to low unemployment and private debt levels, consumer spending in Germany has remained remarkably stable in recent years. In 2011, Germans had about EUR 1.6 trillion disposable income to spend - 2.6 percent more than in 2010.


Corporate Services

Germany is one of the biggest growth markets for the BPO & SSC industry. International companies are increasingly deciding to locate in Germany as the country combines high innovation capacity, an excellent workforce and state-of-the-art infrastructure with moderate wage cost developments, one of the highest productivity rates in Europe and a competitive tax system.

Demographic Change

Major global demographic change continues apace in this the second decade of the 21st century. The current world population of 7 billion is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050. The global population is expanding, but at a slower rate than before, with western industrial nations experiencing shrinking populations while population growth in the developing world continues unabated.

Digital Economy

Around 77 percent (63 million) of the population is regularly online, giving the country most internet users in Europe and making Germany a crucial market for global internet, games and e-commerce companies.


Electronics & Microtechnology

The German electronics industry stands in first place in terms of European semiconductor and display market size, and the "Silicon Saxony" region has become one of the top five semiconductor clusters worldwide.



For decades Germany has been the global pioneer in applying renewable energies and environmental technologies. The new energy concept continues this path with ambitious goals to cut CO2 emissions by 80% and increase the share of renewable energies at total energy consumption to 60% by 2050.

Energy Efficiency & Green Building

Germany is widely acknowledged as a global leader in energy efficiency. A favorable policy and energy price environment as well as a culture valuing both efficiency and sustainability have helped to create a thriving market for energy efficiency (products and services) valued at beyond 100 billion euros annually.

Energy Infrastructure

Major investments in the expansion of the transmission and distribution networks are planned as a result of renewable energy integration and the growing consolidation of Europe’s energy markets.


Energy Storage Industry

Energy storage systems are an integral part of Germany’s Energy Transition (Energiewende). While the need for energy storage is growing across Europe, Germany remains the lead target market and the first choice for companies seeking to enter this developing industry. It stands out as a unique market, development platform and export hub.

Environmental Technologies

Environmental technologies is one of the most important economic sectors in Germany. A pioneering environmental policy and legal framework, which sets ever more ambitious standards has helped establish Germany as a leading player in all green markets worldwide.


Information Technologies

Germany’s ICT market is the largest in Europe. The country’s large Mittelstand of small and medium-sized companies is both innovation driver and extensive customer base for ICT and security solutions "Made in Germany" – a brand which stands for innovation, quality, and expertise with an excellent reputation in global markets.


Healthcare and Life Sciences

Representing Europe’s most populous country, Germany offers the largest market for Healthcare and Life Sciences products. Both market demand and location factors make it a priority for many international companies preparing expansion to build up their footprint here.

Lightweight Industries

The development and use of lightweight construction solutions is an important requirement for the competitiveness of German industry and is of great importance for a number of industries.


Logistics Industry

Located at Europe's center, Germany is the continent's largest economy and most important logistics hub, offering world-class infrastructure and cutting-edge logistics services.


Machinery & Equipment Industry

Germany's Machinery and Equipment (M&E) sector is the largest and strongest in Europe. The sector is dominated by small and medium sized companies that provide customized products and small series to meet the strong demand of both domestic and international manufacturing industries.


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