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    Economic Overview Germany

    Market, Productivity, Innovation

    Germany’s economy continues to go from strength to strength. Download the latest Economic Overview Germany free for a breakdown of current market developments and future opportunities.

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    CONHIT 2018

    Meet us @ the International Networking Lounge (hall 4.2 booth B-109).

    Explore our daily networking sessions in English for international guests.

    Hear about best practices in digital health. Discover the digital hub initiative etc.

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    Investment Guide to Germany

    Investing in Europe’s strongest and most dynamic economy doesn’t have to be a flustering experience. With our comprehensive range of project support services, business information, and advisory tools, setting up a business in Germany has never been easier. Explore how we can help smoothen the investment process and shape your future investments with our exclusive 2017/2018 “Investment Guide to Germany.”

    Order or download your free copy today!

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    Incentives in Germany

    Germany provides a number of incentives programs for prospective investors. Download the latest “Incentives in Germany – Supporting Your Investment Project” publication free to see how your project can benefit from generous incentives funding.

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  • Markets on Air

    Issue 03/18

    How China's New Silk Road project is coming to life, what new business opportunities are created for German companies and what role the German city of Duisburg is - this and much more in the latest episode of Markets on Air!

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  • New online map „Chemical Parks & Pipelines in Germany“

    The new online map illustrates the excellent pipeline network between the country’s chemical complexes (Chemical Parks). Around one third of chemicals are transported by pipeline ensuring the supply of building blocks such as ethylene, propylene or vinyl chloride.

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  • Brexit – Change & Opportunity

    This Brexit special section of our website will provide an overview of the ongoing negotiations and their ramifications, as well as providing a perspective on how the foreign investment landscape could be affected.

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  • Investor Feedback

    The success of our work depends upon the feedback we receive from our clients. Help us to help others by providing feedback. We appreciate your comments and recommendations.

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Industries in Germany


Export & Foreign Markets

  • Tenders of German Financial Cooperation

    The Financial Cooperation is part of the bilateral Development Cooperation of the German government. KfW banking group is acting on behalf of the German government. The project executing agency of the partner country is fully responsible for the tender. All tenders are subject to international competitive bidding if it is not mentioned otherwise in the tender.

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  • Foreign Market Information for German Companies

    Please note that the information provided in the TRADE section is only in German. In order to have full access to the TRADE section, you need to change the language setting to German on the upper right corner. If you need assistance in English on a TRADE topic, please contact us directly.

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