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Tender Notice Mozambique Climate Change

Consulting Services, Coastal Protection and Resilience Enhancement of Municipalities

Cancellation Notice KfW

  • Country Mozambique
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ201867472/KFW505387
  • Subject Coastal Cities as Sustainable Economic Hubs

We inform that the tender process for the a.m. consulting services has been cancelled. The Prequalification Notice was published on 2nd of July 2020 on the GTAI webpage. 


The Program “Coastal Cities as Sustainable Economic Hubs” includes coastal protection measures such as sea walls, groins, mangrove reforestation, and improvements to the existing drainage systems, in order to enhance the resilience of the municipalities of Inhambane and Maxixe against the negative effects of climate change and extreme weather conditions such as flooding, salt water intrusion and erosion. Parallel to this, the Program shall assist the municipalities in enhancing their capacities in coastal and urban planning, financial and contract management, as well as procurement, operation and maintenance.

Requested Consulting Services

The objective of the Consulting services is to provide assistance in management, coordination and implementation for the Program, assisting the PEA Working Groups in Inhambane an Maxixe and the Municipalities in the following activities:

  • Elaborating on details of the Program design;
  • Program management, including financial and quality management;
  • Environmental, Health and Safety as well as Occupational Health and Safety Management;
  • Designing and implementing the tender process in compliance with (i) the agreements on procurement for goods and services, and (ii) the environmental and social standards of the financial cooperation;
  • Assisting with contractual and disbursement procedures;
  • Supervision and taking-over of the investment measures until end of the defects liability period;
  • (De-)commissioning, test and trial operation, performance test, etc.;
  • Reporting and
  • Technical Assistance.

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