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Mounting rotors on a REpower 5M in the Alpha Ventus Offshore Wind Park | © alpha ventus/REpower 2009

Wind Industry

Germany’s Wind Energy Industry - Opportunities in a Sustainable Business Environment

Germany’s wind energy industry is one of the world's largest and is at the forefront of technological development.

Germany's long mechanical and electronic engineering tradition is the backbone underpinning its current strong position. The country’s central position makes it an ideal location for European onshore and offshore markets alike. Excellent investment opportunities have led wind energy companies from around the world to base their operations in Germany.

Expertise for Developing Solutions for the Wind Industry

Germany’s education system supplies a large pool of experienced, world-class employees with the engineering know-how for successful wind energy business in Germany.

A number of new wind-energy engineering degree programs have been created across Germany to meet the industry demand. Stable wages, high productivity and local manufacturing provide for faster times to market as well as the “Made in Germany” quality guarantee.

Germany is home to a number of engineering companies recognized as being the brains behind the latest wind power generation developments. Close cooperation between Germany's R&D institutes and equipment manufacturers helps maintain an internationally unparalleled competitive edge.

Together they work continuously to optimize existing technology and find solutions for technical challenges. Industry and research initiatives – such as the newly developed test stands for nacelles, rotor blades, supporting structures and foundations – are just some examples of their various fields of activity.

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