Your company is already operating in Germany and you would now like to export worldwide?

Business Location Germany

Germany is one of the safest investment locations worldwide. The government has moved swiftly to counteract the Corona crisis, introducing a far-reaching package of financial measures to safeguard health, jobs and the economy.

Reasons to do Business in Germany

Germany is Europe's largest market and a global innovation leader. Find out why Germany is the right choice for your business.

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As one of the world’s most powerful economies, Germany is the platform for market growth in Europe. Get the lowdown on why the country is such an attractive business location.

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High productiviy levels and production standards make companies in Germany technology leaders throughout the world. Find out how you can profit from “Made in Germany” quality.

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Germany has a long tradition of innovation. The country is home to a dynamic R&D landscape that promotes new ideas.

Economic Overview Germany

Germany is one of the world’s most attractive business locations. Discover why the country is a first-choice investment destination for international investors.

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Germany in Numbers

Germany is centrally located at the heart of Europe. Here you can find some of the key data indicators that help make the country tick.

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Germany's Federal States

Germany’s federal states each have their own unique strengths and dynamic qualities. Discover 16 possible sites for your business growth.

Foreign Direct Investment

This year's FDI report recorded a seven percent increase in FDI projects in Germany compared to 2020, rebounding almost fully to 1,851 in the final pre-corona year 2019.

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Germany Trade & Invest’s FDI Reports

We documented 1,806 international companies who set up shop with greenfield investments, expansions and relocations in Germany in 2021 - a seven percent increase.

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FDI Projects and Stocks

Around EUR 600 billion in inward investment and over 55,000 foreign companies testify to Germany’s FDI market attractiveness.


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