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Industries in Germany

German industry is characterized by a mix of internationally active companies and well-positioned small and medium-sized enterprises. The advantages of Germany as a business location include regional clusters of small, medium-sized and large enterprises and research institutions as well as the availability of highly qualified workers and engineers.

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Germany is Europe's largest healthcare and life sciences market. This makes it the preferred choice for many international companies preparing to expand their footprint.

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Germany’s energy transition provides a pathway to an energy future that is secure, climate and environment-friendly and profitable as new energy sources supersede fossil fuels.

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Environmental Technologies

Germany is home to one of the most advanced environmental technologies markets in the world, with business and climate-friendly legislation creating new opportunities. 

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Consumer Industries

Germany is Europe’s largest consumer goods market. The country’s location at the heart of Europe and excellent infrastructure also make it the ideal location to enter neighboring markets. 

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The service sector is a major pillar of the German economy – contributing around 70 percent to gross domestic product. Record growth also makes it an attractive proposition for investors. 

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Industrial Production

Germany is the world’s leading machinery and equipment manufacturer and the preferred location for investors looking to produce in Europe. It is also Europe' top location for electronics or chemical production. 

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Germany is recognized the world over for its leading automotive industry. Today, the country is the world’s mobility innovation hub, driving the way forward to future modes of mobility. 

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Digital Economy

Germany’s digital economy is one of the largest in the world. The country has set itself the goal of becoming Europe’s number one digital nation. To realize this foreign market expertise is inevitable.

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Creative Industries

Germany’s diverse creative industries are at the forefront of cultural development in Europe and play an important role in the country’s digital transformation. 

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