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July 2018: R&D project on industrial waste heat storage launched

July 2018

The Enstor consortium of German companies and research institutions has launched the project “ModulHeatStore” to develop and test modular heat storage with smart thermal process control for industrial waste heat in the 1000°C range. The project is receiving EUR 660,000 in funding from the Central Innovation Program for Medium-Sized Businesses (ZIM).

Enstor aims to bridge the time gap between the availability of waste heat and demand for heat or electricity. The system features a range of storage materials that can store heat at different temperatures. The combination of materials should make it possible to store various waste heat flows at different temperatures in the corresponding storage modules, thus maintaining the highest possible temperatures for later delivery to industrial processes or electricity generation assets.

The project participants claim that the system will enable the efficient utilisation of industrial waste heat at very high temperature levels, that there are a range of possible applications and that it is comparatively cheap.

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