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INTO GERMANY! The German business podcast

INTO GERMANY is the German business podcast in the English language. Every month we take a fast-paced but in-depth look at one of the hottest sectors and round up some of the most intriguing stories from Europe’s largest economy.

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Foreign Direct Investment

Business Expansion to Germany Back on the Rise

According to statistics annually compiled by GTAI, the number of FDI projects bounced back significantly in 2021, nearly reaching pre-corona levels.

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Semiconductor Industry

Intel Confirms Magdeburg as Site for Massive Chip Plant

The US semiconductor colossus will build its new gigafactory in the eastern German city of Magdeburg, redrawing the chip production map in Europe. If all of the envisioned fabs are built, Intel’s investment could run to EUR 80 billion or more.

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Electric Batteries

Northvolt Announces EUR 4 Billion Gigafactory in Heide

The Swedish battery maker has chosen the northern German city of Heide as the location for its new production facility. Northvolt says the decisive factors were market size, available expertise and proximity to renewable energy sources.

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Germany Gets Sweeping Environmental Energy Package

Germany’s governing cabinet has agreed upon a historic more-than-500-page set of draft legislation and policy changes aimed at completely remaking the country’s energy landscape and economy.

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Energy Policy

Germany Seeks Alternatives to Russian Natural Gas

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has prompted a major rethink in the German government about its short- to medium-term energy policy. At present, Germany imports more than half of the natural gas it uses from Russia, a situation many decision-makers find no longer tenable.

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Investment Guide to Germany

Our online Investment Guide provides you with the essential information for setting up your business in Germany.

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Germany is Europe’s biggest economy and market. Find out what shapes Germany as a business location and learn more about the major issues currently on the economic agenda.

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Business Location Germany

Germany is Europe’s biggest economy and has been one of the safest business locations in the world before and during Covid-19 - and it will continue to be.

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A number of major issues will shape the economy and markets in the years ahead. Find out how Germany is addressing these challenges to create new market opportunities.

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Market Opportunities for Polish Companies [Sustainable Energy Sector]

October 18 - 19, 2022
Gdansk & Poznan, Poland

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