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Welcome to Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI). We're the Federal Republic of Germany's international economic promotion agency. We help international companies set up business in Europe's largest economy. Our experts offer free confidential advice and project support to companies interested in expanding to Germany.

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US pharma giant Lilly invests in Germany

EUR 2.3 billion euros – that is how much US pharmaceutical company Lilly plans to invest in a high-tech production site in Alzey, Rhineland-Palatinate. GTAI consulted on the poject.

Germany - Europe's Microchip Heartland

The European Union's largest economy is home to over half of its new semiconductor production projects. A new GTAI study provides an overview and identifies the key reasons for the current microchip boom in Germany.

Next massive microchip plant to come to Germany

Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturer TSMC plans to construct a EUR 10 billion new production facility in Germany. GTAI helped the company make its groundbreaking expansion.

New podcast episode: The surge in energy storage

Germany has committed to transition to clean energy, but it’s not enough to generate electricity in wind and solar parks. You also have to be able to store for use when it’s needed, not when it’s produced.

Coming to Germany Isn’t Hard – With the Right Help

GTAI provides custom-tailored support for international companies interested in expanding to Germany. We invite you to explore the possibilities.

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Investment Guide to Germany

Our online guide provides you with the essential information for setting up your business in Germany.

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How We Can Help You

GTAI provides a wide range of advisory and support services to make establishing a German subsidiary as easy as possible. 

Discover New Opportunities

Nobody knows the German business landscape better than we do. So we can help you explore the possibilities for your company in Europe's biggest market. Check out the latest developments in a wide range of German industry sectors.


  1. Dec 11, 2023 Cloud Computing
    Microsoft to Double German Cloud Capacity
  2. Dec 07, 2023 Start-ups
    Germany Mints Majority of New European Unicorns
  3. Dec 06, 2023 Energy Storage & Fuel Cell Industry
    Germany Releases More Than Half Billion in Northvolt Aid
  4. Dec 05, 2023 Consumer Industries
    German Pet Sector Riding High Amidst Global Growth


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Discover Germany

Germany is Europe’s biggest economy and market. Find out what shapes Germany as a business location and learn more about the major issues currently on the economic agenda.

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Business Location Germany

Germany is Europe’s biggest economy and has been one of the safest business locations in the world before and during Covid-19 - and it will continue to be.

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Hot Topics

A number of major issues will shape the economy and markets in the years ahead. Find out how Germany is addressing these challenges to create new market opportunities.

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You are cordially invited to visit our headquarters in Berlin, but you can also contact us digitally, by telephone, at one of our many global offices or at a host of global events. You can make an appointment whenever you want. You can also subscribe to our many free publications about German business and Germany as a business location.

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Issue 3/23

All Eyes on German Healthcare

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Issue 2/23

Making Connections

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Unlocking Germany's Hidden Highlights

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Digitalizing Deutschland

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Issue 1/22

Decarbonizing Deutschland

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