Internet Economy

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Internet Economy

Vibrant Heart of Europe’s Digital Landscape

With 84% of the German population (around 63 million) using the internet on a regular basis, Germany boasts the most internet users in Europe. This significant digital economy customer base is also coupled with the highest total purchasing power in Europe (EUR 1,968 billion), making Germany a crucial player in the global digital economy. In line with the rest of Germany’s stable economy, the internet economy has faced no downturn from the European economic crisis.

Germany: European Home of the Start-Up Scene

The German economy is largely shaped by SMEs and is home to a deep pool of entrepreneurial talent. This well of talent has resulted in a broad and diversified economy that can be relied upon in times of economic tumult. Germany’s IT sector is also a thriving entrepreneurial environment with more than 97,000 IT companies.

In 2018, there were 621 venture capital investments into German start-ups with a total volume of EUR 4.6 billion. This is an increase of 7% compared to the previous year’s investment levels. The majority of this new investment went to Berlin start-ups (EUR 2.6 billion), followed by Bavaria (EUR 802 million) and Hamburg (EUR 548 million) respectively.


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