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Germany has a rich and diverse nanotech landscape, with industry players of all sizes catering to the strong demand for nanotechnology both in our domestic markets - especially the automotive, optical, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries - and abroad. We continue to enhance our already strong international reputation for scientific expertise. Moreover, our government puts more funding behind this industry than any other country in Europe and has generous new initiatives aimed at expanding and solidifying our lead. Take a look at our numbers and see what we have to offer. We'll find a place for you - and your parts - too!

Subsidies and Financing

Public Funding for Nanotechnology

The NanoChance Initiative supports individual and group projects in the nanotechnology field that take significant scientific or technological risks, that are practical, that involve a range of different technologies, and that are relevant to a company’s market position. Support is provided in the form of a grant, generally for a period of up to two years. For commercial enterprises, this grant usually amounts to up to 50 percent of eligible costs.

Financial Sector and Private Venture Capital

In Germany, approximately 75 venture capital companies are involved in the nanotechnology sector. These financial institutions predict that chemicals, electronics, medicine/pharmaceuticals, energy, and optics will be the areas of application with the greatest market potential for nanotechnology within the next five to ten years. Sixteen of the financial institutions surveyed currently hold shares in 41 nanotechnology companies; ten of these were acquired in 2009, while five were acquired in 2010. Most of the shareholders are based in Germany. The amounts invested cover a relatively broad range, between EUR 250,000 and more than EUR 5 million. The average amount invested is estimated at EUR 1.8 million. The investments were primarily made in the early stages of company development. A projection based on all investors active in the German nanotechnology sector estimates that a total of EUR 40 million in venture capital was invested in the industry in 2010.


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