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Germany's Chemical Industry

Whether in the reinforcement of traditional industry products or the sustainable development of emerging technologies, Germany's chemical sectors play a keystone role. Supported by world-renowned R&D institutes, knowledge laden graduates, and dependable supply-chains, Germany offer investors fertile ground for their product development and market integration within Europe’s largest economy. And all this at the center of the world’s largest market: the European Union.

The Industry in Numbers

As the European leader in chemical sales, exports, investment and R&D expenditure, Germany plays a decisive role in meeting global chemical demand. The chemical industry in Germany offers investors fertile ground for both production and product development within Europe's largest economy.

The German Chemical Industry in Numbers (2017)
(Source: chart 60b)
EUR 155 billion
Number 1 in Europe
Number 3 worldwide (behind China and USA)
(Chart 42b)
EU-28: 60%, European Non-EU: 10%, Asia: 17%, NAFTA: 7%, Latin America: 3%, Rest of world: 3%
R&D Expenditure
(Chart 48)
EUR 4.2 billion
(Chart 22a)
336,000 - thereof 158,000 in corporations with more than 1,000 employees
(Chart 18)
3,120: 83% (1-99 employees), 16% (100-999 employees), 1% (>1,000 employees)

Source: VCI, Chemiewirtschaft in Zahlen 2018


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