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Sep 09, 2019

Consulting Services, High Voltage Substations & SCADA Integration


  • Country: Albania

Ref: BMZ201667518, 201570365/KfW504206

Investment Programme Energy Distribution I

Requested Services: Qualified independent consultants are invited to submit prequalification documents for consulting services for the implementation of the a.m. project. The project comprises a) the extension and update of the Distribution Control Centre, b) the rehabilitation and/or construction of several 110kV and 20kV substations and c) the adaptation of the medium voltage network including installation of OPGW. The Consultant shall provide expertise in concept preparation, tendering, engineering, project management and project execution services to the Employer to ensure the implementation of the project with respect to time, cost and quality. Accompanying measures shall be provided. The Consultant will fulfill the role of a FIDIC Engineer (Yellow Book).

Publication of Prequalified Applicants

Publication Date of Prequalification Notice on GTAI-Website: 26/06/2019

List of Names of Prequalified Applicants (in alphabetical order)

- CESI S.p.A. in joint venture with AF Mercados Energy Market Int. S.A.

- Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG

- Intec – GOPA International Energy Consultants GmbH


- Tractebel Engineering GmbH in consortium with S.E.E.C. Ltd.

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