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Oct 30, 2019

Consulting Services/Project Managment, Reconstruction of Roads after Flooding (Kerala)

Deadline Extension

  • Deadline: Nov 25, 2019
  • Country: India


Ref: BMZ201865286

Climate-Resilient Reconstruction after Flooding in Kerala

Project Measures:

The heavy monsoon of 2018 brought widespread flooding to several districts of Kerala damaging about 2,000 km of state highways and 13,000 km of major district roads across 14 districts. PWD is considering developing a more sustainable and climate resilient asset stock in the medium to long term. For that purpose, approximately 700 km of roads will be selected following prioritization study and Detailed Project Reports preparation. The “building back better” principles will be applied for the rehabilitation of these roads

Requested Services:

The Services requested under this assignment concern the overall programme management including: Bid Evaluation Process, Contract Negotiations and Award, Quality Assurance and Control Monitoring, Liaison with Client and Governmental Agencies, Public Information, Project Controls, Contract Management, Financial Management, Claims Management, Change/Variation Management, Risk Management, Document Control, Environmental, Social, Health and Safety Management and Monitoring, steering of accompanying measures

Price: 2,50 € incl. VAT.

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