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Sep 09, 2019

Design and Construction of Substations - Open Program Extension Transmission Network Georgia II


  • Country: Georgia

Ref. BMZ201568286; KfW/DSI/SS/L1-PQ

Requested services:

Lot 1: KfW/DSI/SS/L1-PQ

Construction of a 220/110 kV substation in Lajanuri (I Phase (AT) and II Phase); Construction of a 220/110 kV substation in Ozurgeti (Guria); Extension of 500 kV and 400 kV AC switchyards in Akhaltsikhe converter station; 500 kV Extension of Lajanuri substation

Publication of Prequalified Applicants (for Lot 1)

Publication Date of Prequalification Notice on GTAI-Website: 12/07/2018

List of Names of Prequalified Applicants (in alphabetical order)

1.    ABB AB, Sweden;

2.    Mytilineos Holding S.A. (METKA), Greece;

3.    Siemens AG, Germany

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