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Aug 22, 2019

Energy Monitoring System (for Public Buildings)


  • Country: Montenegro

Energy Efficiency Programme in Public Buildings, Phase II (EEPPB II)

Ref. No.: 310-618/2019-1; BMZ-ID 2010 66 877

Requested supplies/services:

Supply of hardware for centralized (server based) core system components and software. Services will include installation, an initial setup of the EMS system including master data, training, maintenance and support, etc. Installation will be performed for automatic data gathering (electricity, water, heat/fuel, indoor/ambient temperature) in approx. 250 public buildings and for billing information in approx. 2,500 public buildings throughout Montenegro

Publication of Prequalified Applicants

Publication Date of Prequalification Notice on GTAI-Website: 18/04/2019

List of Names of Prequalified Applicants (in alphabetical order)

- JV of Pro-Metan d.o.o. and Coming-Computer Engineering d.o.o., Serbia

- JV Sintaksa d.o.o. / Solvera Lynx d.o.o., Croatia & Slovenia

- Alarm Automatika d.o.o., Croatia

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