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Accommodation and Food Services Sectors Turnover up 61.7 Percent in June

Germany’s accommodation and food service sectors recorded a 61.7 percent increase in turnover on the previous month in June.

Turnover up by more than 61 percent

The accommodation and food services sectors in Germany recorded a 61.7 percent month-on-month increase in real terms on turnover in June. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the positive turnover development (based on provisional results) is partially the result of the gradual easing of coronavirus restrictions in the gastronomy and hospitality markets.

Quick service and retail segments benefiting

The quick service and retail segments in particular have benefited from the country’s “3G rule” (geimpft, getestest and genesen) that allows those individuals who have been vaccinated, tested or recovered from Covid-19 infection access to many facilities. Restrictions still exist in full-service restaurants and leisure catering due to capacity limitations in some areas. Workplace and communal caterers are also not yet running at full capacity,  as a large part of the domestic population continues to work and study from home. Assuming that another lockdown will not be necessary, industry experts predict further significant growth until the end of the year and beyond.

Delivery services profiting from the crisis

Restaurant delivery services have profited from the crisis as part of a trend that is most likely set to continue. It is not yet clear to what extent “ghost kitchens” (kitchens without dining facilities that only prepare food for delivery) will become established in the country, but the results show the increased value attached to good, varied and healthy food as the coronavirus crisis has continued. Compared to the same month in the previous year, overall turnover is down by just 0.8 percent in real terms according to the data collected by the Federal Statistical Office.

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