Your company is already operating in Germany and you would now like to export worldwide?


Find out why company founders and CEOs from renowned international companies choose Germany as a location for their business. Companies appear in alphabetical order.

5N Plus Inc. - Jacques L’Écuyer, President & Chief Executive Officer

Jacques L’Écuyer, President & Chief Executive Officer of 5N Plus Inc. | © 5N Plus Inc./GTAI

"Germany’s long-standing tradition of environmental friendliness combined with its very influential position within the European community provided a perfect and complementary showcase to our North-American operations.” (2010)

Aabar Investments PJSC - Khadem Abdulla Al Qubaisi, Chairman

Khadem Abdulla Al Qubaisi, Chairman of Aabar Investments PJSC | © Aabar Investments PJSC/GTAI

“We are delighted to invest in such a stable investment environment as Germany. Germany represents long-term growth opportunities and strong performance. For that reason, we are considering further investments in the German economy.” (2009)

Aiways Automobiles Company Ltd Qiang FU, Founder and Chairman

Aiways Automobiles Company Ltd Qiang FU, Founder and Chairman | © JACKY KONG

“The automobile was invented in Germany, and Germany has the most highly developed automotive market in the world. German consumers have a profound knowledge of cars. Products and services that are accepted on the German market as a rule have no problems on the global one. That’s why the German market was our first choice: so that we would have a good basis for entering the world market.” (2021)

Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar) - Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, CEO

Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, CEO of Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar) | © Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company/GTAI

“As the global center of competence in solar, Germany was chosen to ensure state-of-the-art technology and knowledge transfer to Abu Dhabi. Germany is a perfect springboard and ideal partner for Masdar as we enter growing European solar markets.” (2009)

Accenture Germany - Frank Riemensperger, Country Managing Director

Frank Riemensperger, Country Managing Director, Accenture Germany | © Accenture Germany

„As the world’s leading expert for large business transformations with more than 5,000 employees in the German-speaking region, Accenture counts on Germany’s huge potential of talents and know-how when it comes to helping companies leverage mega-trends and new technologies as a catalyst for creating innovative business models, thus ensuring sustainable growth in a multi-polar world. “ (2012)

Air Liquide Germany Ltd. - Thomas Pfützenreuter, Chairman

Thomas Pfützenreuter, Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung, AIR LIQUIDE Deutschland GmbH | © AIR LIQUIDE Deutschland GmbH/GTAI

"'Location Germany’ is of great importance to Air Liquide. The German market is the most important pillar for our company in Europe after France. We invest around EUR 100 in Germany every year. On top of that are large projects such as the new Steam Reformer in Dormagen, while we are also busying ourselves with future projects such as the expansion of the hydrogen fuel station network." (2014)

ARISE Technologies Corporation - Ian Mc Lellan, Founder and CTO

Ian Mc Lellan, Founder and CTO of ARISE Technologies Corporation | © ARISE Technologies Corporation/GTAI

"We selected Germany because it is the largest solar market in the world. It has a high concentration of solar technology companies and access to skilled technical labor. The country's regulatory agencies also move with remarkable efficiency." (2008)

Ballard Power Systems - Michael Goldstein, CCO

Michael Goldstein, CCO Ballard Power Systems | © Ballard Power Systems/GTAI

"Ballard Power Systems has been putting fuel cell products to work in applications throughout the European Union. The expertise we found at Germany Trade and Invest has led us to the best matched partners and investment opportunities in the German marketplace." (2011)

Baosteel Europe GmbH - YE Meng, President

YE Meng, President of Baosteel Europe GmbH | © Baosteel Europe GmbH/GTAI

“Germany is a beautiful country with a high standard of living. Industry, mechanical engineering, equipment, and labor quality are internationally first class. I respect the technological developments being made - that is why I prefer to do business in Germany.” (2008)

Bolt Battery Company Limited - Simon Hui, Director

Simon Hui, Director Bolt Battery Company Limited | © Bolt Battery Company Limited/GTAI

“Germany is the global leader in energy storage technology for renewable energy systems. The country has high engineering standards and favorable government policy. With the help and expertise of GTAI, Bolt has been able to connect with the best strategic partners and expand into Germany and Europe.” (2016)

BOOSTHEAT - Luc Jacquet, CEO and Founder

Luc Jacquet, CEO and Founder, BOOSTHEAT | © BOOSTHEAT/GTAI

"Germany’s long tradition in the heating sector makes the country very attractive for a new actor in the energy ecosystem like BOOSTHEAT. Germany also stands out for its high environmental standards and willingness to implement green energy. For a company like BOOSTHEAT – that has developed the most efficient gas heat pump in the world – the German market represents a great opportunity.” (2019)

Brulli Energia GmbH - Gian Luigi Montorsi, Entrepreneur & CEO

Gian Luigi Montorsi, Entrepreneur & CEO, Brulli Energia GmbH | © Brulli Energia GmbH + GTAI

"Germany has the largest energy production pool in Europe, with a very challenging switching strategy from nuclear and fossil fuels to renewable sources. Moreover, it has one of the most efficient and reliable financing export platform systems with top-ranking reputable manufacturer industries in the world. We decided to set-up our international investment headquarters for hydro power plants and energy transmission grid in Germany in order to benefit from the opportunities these first-class industrial and financial services provide, in order to export the resulting model worldwide“. (2019)

BULL GmbH - Gerd-Lothar Leonhart, Managing Director

Gerd-Lothar Leonhart, Managing Director BULL GmbH | © BULL GmbH/GTAI

"Germany, with its internationally recognized research institutes and innovative companies, provides BULL as a leading European IT manufacturer with the ideal operational areas for high performance computing to strengthen our global market competitiveness." (2009)

Cargill GmbH - Stefan Schreiber, Biodiesel Manager in Europe

Stefan Schreiber, Manager Biodiesel Europe, Cargill GmbH | © Cargill GmbH

„ The decisive factor for our choice of a production site was clearly the infrastructure. The Industrial Park provides us with the highest possible logistical flexibility. When importing raw materials or delivering our products, we have the choice between roads, ships and railways – and that 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” (2012)

CATARC Europe Testing and Certification GmbH - Bin Zhao, Deputy General Manager

Bin Zhao, Deputy General Manager, CATARC Europe Testing and Certification GmbH | © CATARC Europe Testing and Certification GmbH/GTAI

"China and Germany have a long history of economic cooperation, especially in the automotive sector. Both countries have profited from this broad, positive relationship. Many of our customers are world-renowned producers of cars and car parts. We have a lot of world-renowned customers from Germany in particular. We invested in Germany because we want to offer local services to our German and European clients, so that their products can gain entry as quickly as possible to the Chinese market. This was a crucial step in our company’s internationalization strategy." (2019)

Chattermill - Fraser Hopper, Head of Operations

Fraser Hopper, Head of Operations | Chattermill | © Chattermill

"Our experience of setting up in Germany was very positive. We were able to utilise the extensive knowledge of Germany Trade and Invest as well as Berlin Partner to navigate a lot of the legal, tax and immigration issues which have been key in our successful launch. We have managed to attract both local and international talent to our office in Berlin which acts as an Research & Development hub and has given us an advantage over 1000s of other employers by being located in such an attractive location for highly sought after technical talent in the software development and Machine Learning industry.” (2021)

China Eastern Airline, Frankfurt - Tao Yongming, Managing Director

Tao Yongming,Geschäftsführer | © China Eastern Airline/GTAI

"The Frankfurt-Shanghai connection is very important for us in Europe. The constant exchange of personnel between German and China and the close economic ties between the two countries have greatly benefited our business. Additionally, as a city at the heart of Europe, Frankfurt has a lot of advantages as a location. All of Europe’s capitals can be reached quickly and comfortably. Frankfurt is very international and you can make air connections there without a visa. That’s very practical for Chinese tourists. Those are all reasons why we decided in favor of Frankfurt.“ (2019)

China Shipping (Europe) Holding GmbH - YU Zenggang, President

YU Zenggang, President of China Shipping (Europe) Holding GmbH | © China Shipping (Europe) Holding GmbH/GTAI

“The outstanding German infrastructure is not only profitable for us as a logistics company, but also for transportation companies and our customers. Thanks to high capacities and good connections we are able to reduce transportation costs and delivery times.” (2008)

China Telecom (Deutschland) GmbH - Jie He, General Manager

Jie He, General Manager China Telecom (Deutschland) GmbH | © China Telecom (Deutschland) GmbH

“Germany is not only the most important economy, it is also China’s most important foreign trade and inward investment partner within the EU. The telecommunication industry in Germany is a global leader; for this reason China Telecom had Germany marked as a target for our expansion. Following the founding of China Telecom (Deutschland) we have been able to establish our own brand within the German market.” (2016)

Christiansen Print GmbH - Lars Christiansen, CEO

Lars Christiansen, CEO, Christiansen Print GmbH | © Christiansen Print GmbH /GTAI

“Our site in Ilsenburg offers us everything we need – a central location in Europe, highly qualified personnel, and infrastructure that allows for expansion. Our company would never have been this successful anywhere but in Germany.” (2013)

CIMC Group - QIN Gang, General Manager Strategic Development

QIN Gang, General Manager, Strategic Department, CIMC Group | © CIMC Group/GTAI

"We value Germany’s world-leading technology and the excellence of ist engineers. The most important aspect to a company is its workers. Be it in knowledge, skills or performance, German engineers are unique. We can only develop our own skills further with this potential; a primary reason for our choosing Germany as a location." (2013)

Coca-Cola GmbH - Béatrice Guillaume-Grabisch, Managing Director

Béatrice Guillaume-Grabisch, Managing Director of Coca Cola GmbH | © Coca Cola GmbH/GTAI

"Despite the global finance crisis, Germany is as before an important location for Coca Cola. The country's know-how and innovative strength contribute to market stability. Germany’s perspectives as a location are and remain attractive for us." (2009)

COSCO Europe GmbH - YANG Bin, President

YANG Bin, President of COSCO Europe GmbH | © COSCO Europe GmbH/GTAI

“German employees are outstanding. I can say without a doubt that they are the best in Europe. My impression is that German employees are effective, disciplined, and attentive. German workers are very loyal to their company and possess a strong work ethic.” (2008)

DAIKIN Applied Germany GmbH - Roberto Multineddu, Managing Director

Roberto Multineddu, Managing Director, DAIKIN Applied Germany GmbH | © DAIKIN Applied Germany GmbH + GTAI

"We are an applied dedicated company, sales and service for large scale air-conditioning for commercial and industrial applications. In 2016, we decided to expand our business especially in Germany, because there is a big market for us. The reason why we chose Frankfurt is that it is a central location within Europe, an international environment, and a vibrant start-up scence. To reach this conclusion, we had big support from the GTAI team to study the market and German culture in a very short term, which we appreciate very, very much!” (2018)

Delta Shelving Systems GmbH - Stephen Eddowes, Managing Director

Stephen Eddowes, Eigentümer und GF, Delta Shelving Systems | © LEG Thüringen, Fotograf: Andreas Hultsch , Jan 2014

"My heart chose Germany. The German culture of quality and excellence is what “Made in Germany” is all about. In terms of surmounting relocation hurdles, Germany Trade & Invest has been absolutely first-class – 10 out of 10!" (2014)

Despatch Industries - Patrick Peyton, Chairman & CEO

Patrick Peyton, Chairman & CEO of Despatch Industries | © Despatch Industries/GTAI

“Europe represents a growing strategic market for our advanced thermal processing products. Germany was an easy choice for our business due to its central location, nearness to our global partners, great financial incentives, and outstanding workforce. ” (2009)

DJI EMEA - Martin Brandenburg, Managing Director

Martin Brandenburg, Managing Director DJI EMEA | © DJI EMEA/GTAI

"Germany is the biggest market in Europe for us. As a fast-developing high-tech company we enjoy a variety of advantages in Frankfurt, such as its international standing, good transport connections, top-class infrastructure and its central location in Europe. Not only are there many Chinese companies here, but you can also stay in close contact with universities and research institutes of global repute. All of these are reasons for choosing Germany as the location for DJI’s European Headquarters.” (2018)

Dow Deutschland - Markus Wildi, President Dow Europe, President and Chairman of the board

Markus Wildi, President of Dow Europe | © Dow Europe/GTAI

"For Dow, Germany is the most important manufacturing base and national market outside the US. The highly qualified, motivated, and innovative workforce – the ‘Human Element’ – is key to driving our success." (2009)

DYMAX Corporation - A.Gregory Bachmann, President

A. Gregory Bachmann, President of DYMAX Corporation | © DYMAX Corporation/GTAI

“Europe is a growing market for our light-curing adhesives. Due to the highly qualified workers and efficient cost structure, Germany was the clear choice for the expansion of our production and R&D activities.” (2011)

EcoNat Wirtschaft und Nature GmbH - EW&N - Henry Garay, CEO

Henry Garay, CEO, EcoNat, | © EcoNat/GTAI

“We focused on knowledge management for development and sustainability purposes. Germany is the best location in Europe for us, as it has always been a hub of global knowledge, diffusion thereof and innovation. We combine IT innovation, knowledge transfer, applied research and consultancy in sustainable development. We really appreciated the tailor-made and professional services of Germany Trade & Invest alongside the realization of our project.” (2014)

Electrovaya Inc - Sankar Das Gupta, Ph.D, DIC, Chairman & CEO, Co-Founder

Sankar Das Gupta, Ph.D, DIC, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder | © Electrovaya Inc./GTAI

"Investing in Germany brings the immense German quality trademark for our customers and the ability to grow our business using the excellent infrastructure, locational advantage, value-for-money labor and favorable economic conditions. This investment is an integral part of our global strategy for batteries and already is giving outstanding returns." (2016)

Eletta Group - Chris Engstrom, CEO

Chris Engstrom, CEO, Eletta Group | © Eletta Group

“Germany is a highly strategic market offering great opportunities for Eletta. Even if we have been present through a partner for nearly 40 years, we have now decided to open up our own subsidiary as we are certain we can grow and expand substantially. Germany Trade & Invest has been assisting us in this process since the beginning in a very professional and effective way and securely guided us through any obstacles.” (2017) 

EMC Deutschland GmbH - Sabine Bendiek, Managing Director

Sabine Bendiek, Managing Director | © EMC Deutschland GmbH

„Germany is a key market for EMC due to the strong economic situation. We see a heavy demand for cloud computing solutions, driven by the needs of highly innovative and specialized German companies to increase the efficiency, agility and security of their IT infrastructure. We also strongly believe that German companies will be at the forefront of deploying Big Data applications." (2012)

Ensto Industrial Solutions - Frank Hopfinger, Director Sales and Marketing Western Europe

Frank Hopfinger, Director Sales and Marketing Western Europe | © Ensto Industrial Solutions/GTAI

“Germany is one of the largest producers of PV system technology and the strongest PV market worldwide. Strong demand partnered with a highly skilled workforce, diversified industry players and strong political support for renewables make Germany an obvious point of investment.” (2013)

E-Plus Group - Thorsten Dirks, CEO

Thorsten Dirks CEO E-Plus Group | © E-Plus Group/GTAI

"Germany is the largest market in Europe, making it the most important foreign market for KPN, the parent company of E-Plus. The telecommunications industry has central branches located there, and Germany continues to be on the cutting edge in terms of frequency usage and implementation of technology. Strategies accepted by German consumers, who are well-informed and cost-conscious, will have a good chance of also holding their ground on the global market." (2012)

Ericsson GmbH - Bernd Schmidt, Managing Director

Bernd Schmidt Managing Director Ericsson GmbH | © Ericsson GmbH/GTAI

"Ericsson is the world's leading provider of technology and services to telecom operators. We value Germany as an attractive market with very innovative customers, and we appreciate the proximity to them. The highly qualified and skilled workforce we find in Germany for all areas including Marketing & Sales, Services, Technology and Research & Development is the foundation of our business success." (2012)

Fairown Finance - Hendrik Roosna, Founder and CEO

Hendrik Roosna, Fairown | © Jake Farra

"Fairown’s goal is to enable a circular economy. We use financial technology to help banks, brands, retailers, and consumers participate in the circular economy, so all parties can win. We do that by offering a products-as-a-service platform for environmentally conscious businesses. It's a completely new and sustainable offering for hardware.

As Germany is known for its strong and competitive brands, we are excited to establish our presence here to build new partnerships for a greener world." (2022)

Ford Germany - Bernhard Mattes, Vice President Ford Customer Service Division (FCSD), Ford of Europe Chairman

Bernhard Mattes Vice President Ford Customer Service Division (FCSD), Ford of Europe Director of the managing board, Ford-Werke GmbH | © Ford-Werke GmbH/GTAI

“Ford has been manufacturing vehicles in Germany for over 80 years. For customers all over the world, “Made in Germany” stands for innovation as well as excellent manufacturing and product quality. High-quality products from suppliers, a great infrastructure, short logistics routes and high training and education standards are convincing arguments for us to manufacture our vehicles at two locations in Germany.” (2011)

Formlabs GmbH - Michael Sorkin, General Manager

Michael Sorkin, General Manager Formlabs GmbH | © Formlabs GmbH/GTAI

"Formlabs, the leading manufacturer of accessible 3D printing solutions, chose Germany to establish its European operations. From our EU headquarter in Berlin we are able to work with leading engineering companies to implement 3D printing into their prototyping and digital manufacturing needs. Germany is the land of engineering and the perfect place to develop Formlabs' innovative 3D printing solutions." (2016) 

Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH - Rolf Schwirz, CEO

Rolf Schwirz, CEO, Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH | © Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH

"Fujitsu Technology Solutions is the leading European IT infrastructure provider. Germany is not just the largest market for our products, but an important R&D location as well. With our plant in Augsburg, which we consistently update with the latest technology, we are the only hardware maker in the world that produces here. The well trained workforce and attractive work conditions are the foundation for the high quality of our products." (2012)

Future Electronics - Bernard Betts, Vice President WW Distribution Operations

Bernard Betts, VP - Worldwide Operations at Future Electronics | © Future Electronics/GTAI

“With our new central European location in Leipzig, we are able to reach existing markets as well as the emerging markets in Eastern Europe. Low freight costs and the outstanding infrastructure make Germany an excellent choice.” (2010)

GA Pack GmbH - Hong Gang, Chairman of the Board

Hong Gang Chairman of the Board, GA Pack GmbH | © GA Pack GmbH/GTAI

“Germany is traditionally known for improving on what is already good. We greatly value that German employees – much like the entire society – place an emphasis on quality, both in the result and in the process.” (2011)

Geekplus Technology Co., Ltd.- Jian Zhang, Vice-President

Jian Zhang Geekplus Europe GmbH | © Jian Zhang und Geekplus Europe GmbH

„Germany was our first choice for our European expansion, and our European headquarters are also here. Germany is located at the heart of Europe. If you want to win over Europe, you first have to win over Germany. If you win over Germany, you win over the entire world. Our customers mainly come from the e-commerce sector, third-party logistics and the automotive industry. Germany is without doubt one of the most important logistics markets in Europe and plays a major role. Moreover, the German automotive industry is the European leader. If we’re attempting to modernize supply chains, the automotive industry is central. When we put one and one together, Germany was an absolute must.“ (2021)

General Electric - Jeff Immelt, CEO

Jeff Immelt, CEO of General Electric | © General Electric/GTAI

“Germany is a world class source of intellectual capital, home to over 9,000 GE employees and hundreds of our most valued customers. It is a logical choice to be the site of our first technology center in Europe.” (2008)

Goodyear Dunlop Tires Germany GmbH - Rainer Landwehr, Chairman of the Board

Dr. Rainer Landwehr Chairman of the Board, Goodyear Dunlop Tires Germany GmbH | © Goodyear Dunlop Tires Germany GmbH

“We value Germany as an excellent investment location. Highly qualified personnel, first-rate infrastructure as well as close proximity to our customers provide the optimal conditions for the production of technological leading-edge products.” (2008)

Gridworld GmbH - Dr. Xiaomao Wu, CEO & Founder

Dr. Xiaomao Wu, Founder & CEO Gridworld GmbH | © Gridworld GmbH/GTAI

"The excellent research environment, the care and attention to detail, the meticulous attitude of the scientific workers and the mentality to keep improving on excellence – all of these important factors in the birth of a new and successful company are here in Germany.“ (2017)

Haier Group Europe and Germany - Sun Shubao, General Manager

Sun Shubao, General Manager of Haier Group Europe and Germany | © Haier Group/GTAI

"Germany is our strategic focal point, a country there is no way around in our industry. Germany is the largest market in Europe, which creates the greatest advantages for our company. Investing here was an absolute must." (2010)

Hainan Airlines Berlin Office - Chen Mingqiong, Chief Executive Officer

Chen Mingqiong, Chief Executive Officer of Hainan Airlines Berlin Office | © Hainan Airlines/GTAI

"Germany is an excellent business location. The legal framework, workforce qualifications and social environment are optimal in Germany. For foreign investors it's simply perfect." (2010)

Hasso Plattner Ventures - Eran Davidson, CEO

Eran Davidson, CEO of Hasso Plattner Ventures | © Hasso Plattner Ventures/GTAI

“It is no secret that conditions for Israeli high-tech entrepreneurs in Germany are much more favorable than in other European locations. Particularly in green technologies, one can benefit from both outstanding research and technology transfer opportunities.” (2010)

Hi-Bis GmbH - Tadashi Tomitaka, Managing Director

Tadashi Tomitaka, Managing Director of Hi-Bis GmbH | © Hi-Bis GmbH/GTAI

“We chose Bitterfeld-Wolfen because of the stellar chemical park infrastructure for chemical companies, excellent workforce, and financial incentives. These three things were offered to us at the same time, and therefore we could not let this chance go.” (2009)

Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur 1746 GmbH - Evan Chung, CEO

Evan Chung, CEO Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur 1746 Ltd. | © Höchster Porzellan-Manufaktur/GTAI

"The investment environment in Germany is excellent. The quality standards of the German workers and their demand for good technology are especially high. Products labelled ‘Made in Germany’ are among the best in the world, not only in terms of design, but also in the fine aspects of production. The deciding factors for me were the advantages Höchst porcelain carries, as the market contains huge potential for this brand. Excellent products such as these will not just be in demand in Germany, but also enable us to connect to international markets.” (2019)

Huawei Technologies Germany GmbH - PENG Wei, Managing Director


“Looking back with our current experience, I am certain that Huawei would choose Germany again. We are close to our customers here. In addition, Germany's favorable infrastructure enables Huawei to offer its services quickly and attentively, thus helping us to be competitive in Germany.” (2008)

IBM Germany - Martina Koederitz, General Manager

Martina Koederitz General Manager IBM Germany | © IBM Germany/GTAI

"For any innovative and IP-driven business Germany is the place to be. The country is home to some of the finest scientific and research institutions. One of these is the IBM Research & Development Center in Boeblingen near Stuttgart. 2,000 of our smartest engineers develop world-class solutions for leading German and international companies - right at the heart of a knowledge society." (2012)

IDENCOM GmbH - Zeng Qiuping, CEO and founder

Zeng Qiuping, Geschäftsführer und Gründer IDENCOM | © IDENCOM/GTAI

„Germany is the largest domestic market in the EU. Germany is not only an attractive market, but it is also extremely strong on research and development. This is why I brought my R&D activities and marketing operations over to Germany from Switzerland.” (2013)

Infervision Europa GmbH - Yipeng SUN, CEO

Sun Yipeng, GF Infervision Europa GmbH | © JAMIE JI / Sun Yipeng, GF Infervision Europa GmbH

"Germany is an economic power in the EU. When we decided to enter the European market, we first needed a bridgehead into its most important member state. That’s why we chose Germany. We attach great value to population and market size. Germany has more than 80 million inhabitants, 38 university hospitals and more than 7000 radiologists. At the same time German is attracts lots of talents from other European countries. You can find highly qualified people here quickly, and ones who know different languages. For our organization, it was an absolute must to set up shop in Germany." (2021)

InfoWatch Group of Companies - Natalya Kaspersky, CEO

Natalya Kasperskaya, CEO | © InfoWatch

"I see three main reasons why investing in Germany is beneficial. First, there are a large number of manufacturing companies and these companies are big users of IT products, making Germany the largest IT market in Europe. Second, despite the current problems in the EU, Germany remains the strongest economy in the region. Finally, Russia and Germany have a long history of successful trade relations." (2012)

ITS | INNOTECH SOLAR - Tommy Strömberg, CEO


"Germany provides the ideal conditions to strengthen our business activities. A thriving photovoltaic cluster and outstanding infrastructure are essential for us. Halle gives us a unique competitive advantage, enabling us to continue our exceptional growth." (2010)

Julong Europe GmbH - BAI Li, CEO

BAI Li, General Manager, Liaoning Julong Europa | © Liaoning Julong Europa/GTAI

"Germany is a high-tech country, one in which we treasure the professionalism, knowledge and high level of education among the workers. Talented workers are the most important conditions for the development of a company and the key element of Germany’s global competitiveness. That is a reason for us to select Germany as an investment location." (2013)

Kainan QIAN, General Manager, JD International Logistics EU

Qian, Kainan - Jing Dong Developement Deutschland | © Jing Dong Developement Deutschland GmbH

"Germany was the first choice for us in Europe. The German market is very important for us. Whether you look at the regulations, the technology or the logistical infrastructure – Germany is a leader in Europe. This means that if we can establish ourselves in Germany, it will be very easy for us to expand into other European markets. If you look at the e-commerce market, Germany is also the largest market in continental Europe. Overall, it can be said that the widespread thorough working approach, available talent, technology and infrastructure in Germany provide the optimal conditions for Jing Dong to secure a foothold in Europe. These are the reasons why Germany was our choice." (2022)

Kingfa SCI & TECH (Europe) GmbH - Dr. Christof Krogmann, General Manager

Dr. Christof Krogmann, General Manager Kingfa SCI & TECH (Europe) GmbH | © Kingfa SCI & TECH (Europe) GmbH/GTAI

“Germany, as an industrial location, has a huge demand for high-quality, high-value intermediate products such as special plastics. The successful chemical park concept convinced us to bring our production center to Germany.” (2016)

Kingsbury Inc. – William R. Strecker, President and CEO

Kingsbury Inc. – William R. Strecker, President and CEO | © Kingsbury Inc./GTAI

"As Kingsbury (USA) begins its second century of innovation, Germany represents a natural extension for growth throughout the European Union. Many of our OEM customers have home-base operations in Germany, and the technological skills of the German work force is well suited to our business." (2014)

Kubanagroprod – Evgeny Kabanov, General Director

Evgeny Kabanov, Generaldirektor, Kubanagroprod, Russia | © Kubanagroprod/GTAI

“Germany is renowned for its infrastructure and its pioneering role in energy policy, which make the German market so interesting for us. We want to express our appreciation for Germany Trade & Invest’s assistance in setting up our new GmbH entity in Saxony-Anhalt. Germany Trade & Invest’s advice was essential in helping us explore our market opportunities as new investors in Germany, and providing us with valuable knowledge and contacts.” (2014)

Lancaster University Leipzig - Dr. Elisabeth Grindel-Denby, Campus Director

Dr. Elisabeth Grindel Denby, Campus Director - Lancaster University Leipzig | © Lancaster University Leipzig

"Lancaster University chose Leipzig because this city has everything that is needed to offer students a fantastic time whilst studying as well as longer-plan settlement opportunities. The support from GTAI was amazing – especially their timely responses, openness, reachability and the high quality of information and outputs . GTAI enabled us to quickly hit the ground running. Thank you very much!” (2021)

Mainstream Renewable Power - Tilman Schwencke, General Manager Germany

Tilman Schwencke, General Manager, Germany | © Mainstream Renewable Power/GTAI

“Germany is the technological leader in the offshore wind energy sector, with excellent infrastructure and an innovative value chain. We also see great potential for new businesses in this dynamic industry.” (2012)

MANGO OFFICE GmbH - Yury Zigulya, Managing Director

Yury Zigulya, Managing Director MANGO OFFICE GmbH | © MANGO OFFICE GmbH

"Germany is a country of revolutionary technology and an endless source of inspiration for innovative companies. German experts and countless studies have confirmed the rapidly-increasing use of cloud-based solutions in the B2B sector. We are confident that the demand for cloud telecom solutions for small-and-medium enterprises - the backbone of the German economy - will continue to grow." (2016) 

Maruho Co., Ltd. - Koichi Takagi, CEO

Koichi Takagi, CEO of Maruho Co., Ltd. | © Maruho Co., Ltd./GTAI

"As Japan's sole specialist in high quality skincare products, we chose Germany as it provides the right quality of life and security for our Japanese workers and their families. Germany is the perfect base to successfully implement our vision for the European market." (2008)

MAUSER Group - Dr. Clemens Willée, CEO

Dr. Clemens Willée CEO, MAUSER Group | © MAUSER Group/GTAI

“In the field of industrial packaging, we are well positioned globally. As a 'Made in Germany' company, our domestic market remains crucial for us. Customers and partners value our high quality and reliability.” (2011)

MetoKote Corporation - DeWayne Pinkstaff, President and CEO

DeWayne Pinkstaff, President and CEO of MetoKote Corporation | © MetoKote Corporation/GTAI

“The opening of our new Mannheim facility is another step in achieving our global mission of providing custom coating solutions to our valued customers. We are excited to be centrally located in the heart of Europe and eager to serve both our strategic partners and acquire new customers in the region.” (2010)

Microsoft International - Ralph Haupter, CEO Microsoft Deutschland

Ralph Haupter, CEO Microsoft Deutschland Area Vice President Microsoft International, Microsoft Deutschland GmbH | © Microsoft Deutschland GmbH/GTAI

“Germany provides two important IT market perspectives. It’s here that industry leaders offer solutions in a mature market environment and Germany is also the place where innovation begins. Both are key to Microsoft’s success and the solutions we provide.” (2009)

Motorola GmbH - Olaf May, Managing Director

Olaf May Managing Director, Motorola GmbH | © Motorola GmbH/GTAI

“Motorola is a leading provider of communications solutions for businesses and the public sector. Since the founding of Motorola GmbH in 1975, we have been devoted to Germany. We value Germany’s highly qualified workforce and the proximity to customers and partners.” (2011)

Nestlé Germany AG - Gerhard Berssenbrügge, Chief Executive Officer

Gerhard Berssenbrügge, Chief Executive Officer, Nestlé Germany AG | © Nestlé Germany AG/GTAI

“We deliberately chose Germany and Schwerin for the construction of our third coffee capsule factory. The decisive factors were the favorable geographical location, the close proximity to the world's largest coffee-trading center Hamburg, the ease of access to northern Europe as well as the high density of skilled workers in the region.” (2014)

Hui ZHANG, Managing Director, NIO Germany GmbH

Hui Zhang, CEO NIO Deutschland GmbH | © NIO Deutschland GmbH + GTAI

"Germany is the ideal international location for research and development – particularly in the automotive sector. Here you will find the best talent and excellent infrastructure: Whether it is hardware, industrial infrastructure or suitable suppliers… they all convince through their excellence. That is why it is not just major concerns that act as suppliers, but SMEs as well. Thanks to their innovation and research efforts, Germany is becoming an even more attractive design and R&D location.” (2017)

Omni-ID Inc. - Ed Nabrotzky, Chief Solutions Officer

Ed Nabrotzky, Chief Solutions Officer, Omni-ID Inc. | © Omni-ID Inc./GTAI

“Germany has long been a thought leader in manufacturing and automation. Most recently, the vision and investment in Industrie 4.0 has started bringing together some very interesting vendors and concepts that we are convinced will play a big part of the future of the plant floor.  Being an engaged part of this ecosystem was a major factor in founding our new German subsidiary last year.“ (2016) 

OSRAM GmbH - Martin Goetzeler, CEO

Martin Goetzeler CEO, OSRAM GmbH | © OSRAM GmbH/GTAI

“For our new OLED pilot production line it was essential that we benefit from the R&D networks in Germany as well as the from the support of federal, regional and local authorities. As a global company based in Germany, we were delighted to find this right on our doorstep.” (2010)

Oxford PV - Frank P. Averdung, Chief Executive Officer

Frank Averdung, Chief Executive Officer, Oxford PV | © Oxford PV | GTAI

"We have been based in Brandenburg an der Havel since 2016 and we are thrilled with the progress we have made towards developing our perovskite solar cells, which will be critical for delivering affordable, clean energy. We are on track to reach our target of large-scale production in 2022, bringing the world one step closer to finding a much-needed solution to the climate change crisis” (2021)

Phicomm Europe GmbH - Dr. Lin Jie, CEO

Dr. LIN Jie, CEO Phicomm Europe GmbH | © Phicomm Europe GmbH

“The reasoning behind Fei Xun looking first at Germany as a possible investment location outside of China was not just that it is the economic centre of the EU, but also the precise working culture in Germany, a management culture revolving around constant optimization, and worldwide trust in the quality of German goods.” (2016)

Phyterra Europe GmbH - Sebastian Zitzler, Head of Commercial Operations, Europe Managing Director

Sebastian Zitzler Head of Commercial Operations Europe Managing Director, Phyterra Europe GmbH | © Phyterra Europe GmbH /GTAI

"Phyterra is a leader in the R&D and sales of advanced yeast solutions that prevent significant problems in the food and beverage industries. Germany provides us a central location for our patented products and strengthens our European partnerships." (2011)

Plexus Corp. - Steve Frisch, Regional President - EMEA

Steve Frisch, Regional President of EMEA Plexus Corp. | © EMEA Plexus Corp./GTAI

“Germany provides Plexus with access to excellent technical resources allowing us to build on our strong engineering capabilities and continue to grow our talent base in the mid-to-low volume, higher complexity market space of Electronics Manufacturing Services industry.” (2011)

Procter & Gamble Germany GmbH - Otmar Debald, Managing Director Finance & Logistics

Otmar Debald Managing Director Finance & Logistics, Procter & Gamble Germany GmbH | © Procter & Gamble Germany GmbH/GTAI

"The difference the attractivity of Germany the location makes in international comparison? These are the proven German virtues: quality, labor commitment and precision." (2009)

Redpack Maschinen GmbH - Jeremy and Stuart Briston, Managing Directors

Jeremy and Stuart Briston, Managing Directors, Redpack Maschinen GmbH | © Redpack Maschinen GmbH/GTAI

"As Europe's largest consumer market at the heart of Europe, Germany offered an exciting place for our family run business to open a subsidiary. We found out that our quality and bespoke machines are well suited to the German marketplace where reliability, durability, low maintenance and safety standards are of paramount importance." (2014)

Safe Information Group - Cato Syversen, CEO

Cato Syversen, CEO of Safe Information Group | © Safe Information Group/GTAI

„Our launch into the German market is a basis for Creditsafe’s future success. Berlin’s vibrant culture and the supply of well-trained and motivated employees and surprisingly cost-effective overheads made this a natural fit for us.” (2010)

Sage Software GmbH - Peter Dewald, CEO

Peter Dewald CEO Sage Software GmbH | © Sage Software GmbH/GTAI

"The German “Mittelstand” with its three million small and medium enterprises - many of them world class in their segment - is a highly relevant market for a software company like Sage. The proximity to our customers, the global power of the German economy, the high level of professional skills and talents and a growing number of new, innovative companies that complement our traditional business are making the German market and our presence here with more than 650 employees so attractive." (2011)

Sany Deutschland GmbH - Xu Xing, Managing Director

Xu Xing, Managing Director of Sany Deutschland GmbH | © Sany Deutschland GmbH/GTAI

"German machinery and equipment is world renowned. At the same time, Germany is the largest economic power in Europe. By constructing our factory in Germany, we are able to cover this area as well as the entire European market and the surrounding countries with our business activities." (2011)

SAS Institute GmbH - Wolf Lichtenstein General Manager

Wolf Lichtenstein General Manager, SAS Institute GmbH | © SAS Institute GmbH/GTAI

“Germany stands for innovation - the ideal business location for SAS. We utilize technology that transforms data into future innovations. For this reason, SAS and Germany have been a perfect match for 30 years.” (2011)

S.B. Security Group Ltd. - Shachar Levy, Vice President

Shachar Levy, Vice President of S.B. Security Group Ltd. | © S.B. Security Group Ltd.

“Germany is a perfect investment location for our company, as we enter the growing European security market. The German security market is the biggest in Europe, which creates the greatest advantages for our company. Germany’s perspectives as a location are and remain attractive for us and made the clear choice for the European expansion of our security services.” (2012)

Schiess GmbH - LU Yuanda, Managing Director

LU Yuanda Managing Director, Schiess GmbH | © Schiess GmbH/GTAI

"We chose to locate our business in Germany because it is the birthplace of machine tool manufacturing. Whether concerning design, production technology or quality – everything is world-class." (2011)

SGSB Group - Zhang Min, Chairman & CEO

Zhang Min Chairman & CEO SGSB Group | © SGSB Group/GTAI

“Germany is an excellent investment location. German ingenuity has made the country a world-class leader in R&D. Without the support coming from the strong research hub present in Germany, our company would not be able to maintain its leading position worldwide.” (2011)

Solar Frontier - Shigeaki Kameda, President

Shigeaki Kameda, President of Solar Frontier | © Solar Frontier/GTAI

“Our German office is the perfect location to launch Solar Frontier's European expansion. We have three very critical reasons to invest here: the German priority on economy, the emphasis on ecology, and the Germany’s global market leadership in solar energy." (2010)

Sunstar Engineering Europe GmbH - Yoshihiro Nakata, Managing Director

Yoshihiro Nakata, Managing Director, Sunstar Engineering Europe GmbH | © Sunstar Engineering Europe GmbH/GTAI

“The investment in Germany is an integral part of our global strategy for our adhesives and sealants. Due to the highly qualified workers and efficient cost structure, on top of Germany’s leading position in the field of automotive expertise, Germany was the clear choice for our new production, European headquarter and R&D activities”. (2017)

Tadim Deutschland GmbH - Mehmet Er, Managing Director

Mehmet Er, Managing Director Tadim Deutschland GmbH | © Tadim Deutschland GmbH/GTAI

"Tadim has made a significant move by investing in Germany. We are confident that it will prove to be a value-adding one because of Germany's attractiveness as a production location and the optimal logistics for serving international markets. To this end, we particularly liked Emsdetten because of its central location. We hope to expand our market position in Europe as well as just in Germany and we are already processing and distributing to neighbouring countries." (2016)

Teradata Corp. - Hermann Wimmer, President International

Hermann Wimmer, President Europe - Middle East - Africa, TERADATA GmbH | © Teradata GmbH/GTAI

“As a highly developed technology industry location at the heart of Europe, Germany is doubly interesting to Teradata: as an attractive market with many strong businesses, and as the ideal gateway to eastern European markets.” (2011)

Tink DACH - Dr. Cyrosch Kalateh, Managing Director DACH

Dr. Cyrosch Kalateh, Managing Director DACH, Tink DACH | © Tink DACH

“Tink is Europe's leading open banking platform that enables banks, payment providers and fintechs to develop data-driven financial services. Tink was founded in Stockholm in 2012 and serves 18 markets with 500+ employees. With our DACH headquarters in Düsseldorf, we are ideally positioned to serve the important German market together with Austria and Switzerland.” (2021)

Toho Tenax Europe - Eckard Scholten, Managing Director

Eckard Scholten Managing Director, Toho Tenax Europe | © Toho Tenax Europe/GTAI

"At the center of the strongest industrial region in Europe, the industrial park in Oberbruch is a natural location for Toho Tenax Europe. With the initiation of our fourth production line, we confirm our position as the leading carbon fiber producer in Europe." (2010)

TOTAL Deutschland GmbH - Hans-Christian Gützkow, Managing Director

Hans-Christian Gützkow, Geschäftsführer, TOTAL Deutschland GmbH | © TOTAL Deutschland GmbH/GTAI

“Germany is paramount to Total as Europe’s largest energy market. Our chemical arm also has production sites on location in Germany, especially as a supplier for the automobile industry. And last but not least, Germany is an important location for the solar power branch of Total, Sunpower, in Germany’s position as the leading market in renewable energies.” (2014)

TOYODENSO Deutschland GmbH - Michio Koike, General Manager

Michio Koike, Managing Director, TOYODENSO Deutschland GmbH | © TOYODENSO Deutschland GmbH/GTAI

"After just a few months on the ground, being here has already paid off: My small team has secured two contracts, and several projects are in the works.” (2015)

Toyota Motor Europe - Yoichi Hasegawa, General director

Yoichi Hasegawa, General Director of Toyota Motor Europe - Berlin Office | © Toyota Motor Europe/GTAI

“Germany is an excellent location for high-tech companies. The suppliers deliver superior quality and technically advanced products. Germany is an excellent location for us to advance technology and to be active in the European market.” (2010)

TRW Automotive - Dr. Rob Smith, Vice President & General Manager Engine Components

Dr. Rob Smith, Vice President & General Manager of TRW Automotive | © TRW Automotive/GTAI

"Germany offers an excellent labor force and unbeatable know-how in auto construction and mechanical engineering. Germany is a ‘must have’ for anybody who wants to be at the center of things in the auto industry!" (2009)

Techcode Venture Development Co., Ltd - Haiyan Huang, Founder and CEO

Related Links, Founder & CEO Techcode Venture Development Co. Ltd. | © Techcode Venture Development Co. Ltd./GTAI

“Berlin is the European capital for start-ups; there’s a superb environment for innovation here. We opted for Germany, because we were extremely convinced by the country. The industries dominant in Germany are extremely attractive for us. Germany is a world market leader in artificial intelligence, health, new materials and renewable energies, all industries with a focus on Techcode.” (2017)

Willbee Energy GmbH - Anke Fröbel, Managing Director

Anke Fröbel, Managing Director, Willbee Energy GmbH | © Willbee Energy GmbH/GTAI

"As a provider of energy-efficiency services we decided to enter Germany – the largest economy in Europe. With its strong industry and ambitious climate policies, the country represents a strategic market for us. The huge number of energy-intensive companies in Germany provides a major opportunity for our energy auditing, engineering and metering services.” (2019)

Simon Hou, COO & Co-founder, XCharge

Simon Hou, COO & Co-founder XCharge | © XCharge / GTAI

"It is an important step of our global strategy to enter the European market, and we finally decided to choose Germany as our first stop on the roadmap. Germany has a long and successful history of development in automotive industry. Most of the best car brands nowadays were born here, and top technical and management talents that we are looking for gather in this land. There are also favorable policies at both country and local levels to stimulate the growth of e-mobility and renewable energy industries, which are friendly to international companies. As one of the leading charging solution providers targeting at the EV and future energy world, we see a lot of business opportunities here.“ (2018)

Zheng Fan, Managing Director, XCharge Europe GmbH

Zheng Fan, Managing Director XCharge Europe GmbH | © XCharge Europe GmbH /GTAI

"Hamburg is a pioneering place in electromobility, in no other city is the number of charging stations per person higher. The ITS World Congress will be here in 2021, and the rails of the ‚new silk road‘ will end in Hamburg’s harbour. These are just some of the reasons we decided to make this Hanseatic city the location of our European headquarters.“ (2018)

Zibo Hanhai Technology Park in Munich - Dr. Xiufei Liu, Director of the Administration Committee

Dr. Xiufei Liu, Director of the Administration Committee for the Zibo Hanhai Technology Park in Munich | © Zibo Hanhai Technology Park in Munich/GTAI

„The soul of a true company development lies within technological innovation. Germany has a strong economy, modern technologies and many first-class specialists. This is why we set up a technology park in Germany, and in so doing created a platform to promote scientific and technological R&D strengths, as well as strengthening technological ties between Germany and China. This is the shape of our new model for innovation and start-ups.” (2016)

ZTE Deutschland GmbH - Dr. ZHANG Zhigang, General Manager

Dr. ZHANG Zhigang, General Manager of ZTE Deutschland GmbH | © ZTE Deutschland GmbH/GTAI

"Europe is at the forefront of telecommunications development, with Germany an important R&D hub. Our investment in Germany is very important and helpful for our clients. This investment is a necessity for our company because it is a requirement of our long-term development strategy." (2008)

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