Your company is already operating in Germany and you would now like to export worldwide?

FAQs: Work Visas and Labor Regulations

Germany welcomes international talents. Find out how the country is opening its doors to skilled workers and the rights and obligations they enjoy in Germany.

Open and flexible labor market

Germany has opened up the German labor market – particularly for skilled workers – in recent years. The Skilled Immigration Act currently stipulates the conditions under which qualified professionals from outside the EU can work in Germany. 

For detailed information on residence permits for employees or visa in general, please refer to the Visa and Residence Permit for Business in Germany section of our online Investment Guide.

Business-friendly employment models

There are various employment models in Germany that provide expanding companies with flexible, employment solutions - especially in the business start-up phase.

For more details on what employers need to consider once employees have been found please refer to the Employees and Social Security section of our online Investment Guide.

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