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German Online Shoppers' Consumer Behavior

As the biggest market in terms of population with one of the highest total purchasing power levels in Europe, Germany offers lucrative opportunities for international companies seeking to expand operations.

Germany's market potential: most internet users in Europe

Germany is home to more internet users than any other country in Europe, with more than 66 million active online users (almost 94 percent of the total German population aged 14 years and older). Online shopping is widespread – and not just among younger members of the population.

While close to 100 percent of the population between 18 and 49 years of age use the internet, the share of adults aged 50+ who surf the web is also increasing dramatically. Ninety-one percent of people 50 to 59 years of age use the internet, while around 60 percent of all adults aged 6o years of age and older are online.

The last two groups are of particular importance for retailers as they constitute the age group with the highest purchasing power. The pandemic has brought even more people behind their screens – both mobile and stationary devices – to shop online.

Rising online shopping spendings

Seventy-five percent of consumers in Germany have made online purchases in the last month, of which 43.6 percent have made a purchase within the last 7 days (41 percent of this group have ordered more than once in the same period). The purchasing frequency among these shoppers has increased by 23 percent in comparison to 2019.

The average shopping basket online grew by almost 20 percent to EUR 144.25 in 2021. On average, EUR 207 is spent online each month. The 30-49 years of age group spends the highest amount online. Electronics and travel are the two categories where consumers spend most online. 

Factors affecting online shopping satisfaction

Some 96 percent of customers are satisfied or very satisfied with their online purchases (including services including delivery times, payment options and customer service)

Price and free delivery are the most important factors for consumers in Germany when selecting an online shop before personal positive personal experience and free returns. Customers in Germany are very price sensitive as three of the top three factors for choosing an online shop are price related.

Consumer behavior during the Coronavirus pandemic

Forty-three percent of consumers have increased their online purchases since the start of the coronavirus pandemic – of which nearly 90 percent will continue to do so to an increased degree. Fifty percent of consumers have invested more time in shopping online since the start of the pandemic. This is particularly true of the 60+ age group that has dramatically turned to online shopping during the pandemic. Despite lockdown eases, these silver surfers plan to continue to shop online thanks to their excellent online shopping experiences.

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