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Gaming Industry

Germany Conquers European Gaming Market

Germany is a favored location for innovative start-ups – thanks to a winning combination of moderate costs, excellent infrastructure and large talent pool for international gaming companies. Home to 48 million active gamers, Germany is Europe’s largest gaming market and has seen a greater surge of online games than any other European country.

Germany attracts international gaming companies with its highly skilled internationally minded workforce, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, and government support as well as numerous gaming industry events.

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The German Gaming Industry

Our Fact Sheet shows that Germany is home to 26 million active gamers and Europe's largest gaming market.

Our Industry in Numbers

Gaming and related services are a major industry in Germany with revenues considerably higher than those of, for example, the film industry. In-game purchases have overtaken the simple purchase of single games in recent years. The revenues from online services also show strong growth and have doubled in 2018. Casual gaming, social gaming, and free-to-play MMO (massively multi-player online) games are driving this growth. The rising number of smartphones in Germany has resulted in increasing demand for mobile games – opening up completely new customer groups.

Games: The gaming market is growing at a fast pace. Germany remains Europe’s largest and most attractive games market.

  • Germany has the most internet users in Europe, creating significant potential for business.
  • More than 34 million Germans play video games online, on smartphones, TVs, consoles and handhelds.
  • In 2018, the German gaming market generated total turnover of EUR 4.4 billion.
  • Almost EUR 1.8 billion was spent on in-game purchases.
  • Germans purchased games (online and offline) for EUR 1.1 billion.
  • Some EUR 353 million was spent on online services such as Playstation Plus and Origin Access.

The German Gaming Landscape

Germany has become one of the global hubs for online and browser game production thanks to German companies such as BigPoint, Gameforge and Wooga. Gaming hubs are prospering in Germany’s major metropolitan areas: Berlin, Hamburg and the Rhine/Ruhr area are just a few examples of exciting gaming locations in Germany.

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Germany has a large pool of highly qualified and motivated employees and offers competitive labor costs compared to both Western and Eastern Europe. Germany has a rich tradition in engineering and entrepreneurship and a worldwide reputation in technological innovation power.

Germany’s gaming workforce also belongs to the world’s best qualified. The German gaming industry employs a more than 28,000 strong workforce, with eleven thousand working directly for game developers and publishers. The high skill level is also due to a variety of specific education facilities: Around 40 public and private universities and other education establishments offer more than 150 computer game-related courses of study. Labor costs in the German gaming industry are moderate.


Germany offers numerous incentives for all gaming companies - regardless of whether they are from Germany or otherwise. There is a large selection of programs available designed to support a wide variety of business activities at different stages of the investment process. These support programs are administered by the Federal states and the local clusters. They range from practical support and networking possibilities to a wide range of monetary incentives, interest-reduced loans, equity capital/financing, consulting/expertise, guarantees, and access to regional funding.

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