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Music Industry

The German music industry plays an important role in the country's economic as well as cultural life.

The more than 14,600 companies active in the industry recorded revenue of EUR 9 billion in 2019, employing a workforce of around 91,000 music industry professionals. Industry revenue is split as below.


Playing an instrument ranks high as a pastime for Germans. There are more than 14 million recreational musicians, of which 2.9 million are organized in choirs, ensembles etc. There are also 69,000 musicians that perform professionally.

In 2018, there were 1.8 million people enrolled in recreational music courses that were taught by 52,000 professional music teachers. There are 24 pure music universities and 89 universities that feature a music faculty. These were attended by around 27,000 students in 2016. This means that instruments and other musical equipment are in high demand in Germany, with many million musicians who are regularly updating their gear.

Music Venues

Music is an important part of Germany’s cultural life. Accordingly, music venues and live music events reported substantial revenue of Euro 3.7 billion in 2017. There are 130 orchestras that play a total of more than nine thousand concerts each year. They are frequented by more than five million visitors annually. The biggest music venues are displayed below.

Music market opportunities in Germany for international companies

Music Tech

There is a strong music tech ecosystem with big players such as Ableton, Native Instruments and Magix all headquartered in Germany. The combination of those music tech companies and the fact that many leading electronic music artists call Germany their home makes for a unique combination that speeds up innovation in the sector.


In 2018, about 26 million Germans listened to podcasts on a monthly basis. It is not just Spotify and Apple that are active in the German market but the big news sites are also discovering the advantages of the medium. The five favorite podcast genres in Germany are: news programs, music programs, science and technology, society and culture, comedy, and entertainment. Different developments are expected to contribute to a rising popularity of podcasts. Advertising revenues in 2019 are forecast to increase by 46 percent to Euro 71 million. PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that these revenues will increase to Euro 156 million by 2023.

Highly skilled employees

Germans are fond of new technology and German engineering is world renowned for its excellence. Whether looking for skilled instrument builders or top-notch music software engineers, the chances are that you will find those qualified employees here. That is why it makes sense to think about bringing production that requires highly technical skills to Germany.

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