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Music market opportunities in Germany

Music Tech

There is a strong music tech ecosystem with big players such as Ableton, Native Instruments and Magix all headquartered in Germany. The combination of those music tech companies and the fact that many leading electronic music artists call Germany their home makes for a unique combination that speeds up innovation in the sector.


In 2021, about 29 of Germans listened to podcasts at least on a monthly basis. It is not just Spotify and Apple that are active in the German market but the big news sites are also discovering the advantages of the medium. The five favorite podcast genres in Germany are: news programs, music programs, science and technology, society and culture, comedy, and entertainment. Different developments are expected to contribute to a rising popularity of podcasts. Advertising revenues for podcasts in 2021 rose to around Euro 30 million. PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that these revenues will increase to Euro 156 million by 2023.

Highly skilled employees

Germans are fond of new technology and German engineering is world renowned for its excellence. Whether looking for skilled instrument builders or top-notch music software engineers, Germany boasts a highly qualified workforce in all of these areas. That is also why increasingly more companies recognize the value of bringing production that requires highly technical skills to Germany.

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