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Digital Economy News | April 2022

Billion dollar acquisition deals and innovative AI solutions to address an array of challenges in the digital marketplace are the order of the day in Germany's start-up landscape.

ResearchGate's AI plans to transform climate research

German research community platform ResearchGate plans to transform climate research by using artificial intelligence to bring researchers from around the globe together on one platform. ResearchGate’s new “Spotlight” feature will allow users to increase the visibility of their research results by automatically recommending their publication to other scientists active in the same area. Founded in 2008, the free platform – often referred to as Facebook for the academic research community – boasts in the region of 20 million members.

Start-up creates software stack solution to safeguard against cyber attacks

Aachen-based start-up Emteria has created a software subscription service designed to protect smart devices from cyber attacks in the Internet of Things. Many commercial devices including cash register systems, ticket machines and vending machines are vulnerable to cyber attacks as well as being cumbersome to operate. The company’s software provides manufacturers with the tools they require to provide fully automated remote security updates for the cost of an annual license fee per device – saving manufacturers potentially millions in development costs.

Saudi fund buys e-sports event organizer in billion dollar deal

Cologne-based e-sports organizer ESL Gaming has been sold by the Swedish Modern Times Group to the Savvy Gaming Group (SGG) as part of a billion dollar deal. The acquisition by SGG, owned by Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, sees the group take over the world leader in e-sports events. ESL Gaming founder Ralf Reichert and other managers have also sold their eight percent stake in the company as part of the deal.

Bremen SME’s data storage solution for outer space

Bremen-based airborne and space electronics application specialist DSI Aerospace Technologie has established itself as a leader in the provision of hard drives for use in satellites orbiting the earth. Artificial earth satellites are unable to transmit data in real time to ground stations because of their speed of travel, creating demand for hard disk data storage. DSI Aerospace is one of just three European companies with competencies in this field – and the only small- and medium-sized enterprise. The company produces a single-digit number of hard disks each year that are used on large space missions including, for example, the European Space Agency’s “Copernicus” satellites.

Munich start-up gets EUR 5 million funding for supply chain solution

Munich-based start-up Tacto has secured EUR 5.3 million in investor funding in a recent seed funding round. The company has developed a software-based AI supply chain solution that creates efficient and sustainable supply chains for its clients. According to the company, the data-driven solution frees up capacity, reduces complexity and can be deployed without prohibitive IT costs. The AI software solution is being targeted at SMEs in order to help them to digitally manage their supply chains in a more strategic and sustainable manner.

Saiga launches AI digital assistant

A German start-up has launched an AI and process-automation-based digital assistant to help individuals organize their busy daily lives. Support is provided for activities including the booking of appointments and researching and switching contracts. Most of the tasks are handled by AI software, with the start-up also employing a team to handle requests that cannot be solved automatically. The company has raised in the region of EUR 3 million in funding to date with a series A round of funding scheduled for later in the year.

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