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3D Printing

Germany Sets New Record in 3D-Printed Building

53 meters long, eleven meters wide and nine meters tall...those are the dimensions of the largest ever house constructed by additive manufacturing in Europe.

The 3D-printed building is located in Heidelberg, on the site of the former US Army headquarters in that western German city. It will be used to house a computer center.

The printing portion of construction only took 140 hours, according to the head of the company that commissioned it, KrausGruppe’s Hans-Jörg Kraus. It’s the third 3D-printed building in Germany. And its construction is intended to be part of an environmentally friendly, circular economy.

“Some years from now, we will tear down this building, shred and recycle its components and print a new building using renewably-produced energy,” Kraus told German broadcaster ARD.

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