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Germany’s Electronics Industry in Numbers

Germany's electronics sector is responsible for ten percent of domestic industrial output, three percent of GDP and 23 percent of total country R&D spending. Take a look at these and other key data from the thriving industry.


  • EUR 182 billion
  • 10% of total German industrial output
  • 3% of gross domestic product (GDP)


  • 867,700 employees in Germany (+ 777,000 abroad)
  • 2nd largest industry branch in Germany
  • 14% of total employees in German industry

R&D Expenditure

  • EUR 19.7 billion
  • 23% of total R&D expenditure of German industry
  • 30% of all R&D employees in German industry (114,000)

Innovation Expenditure

  • EUR 27.5 billion
  • 21% of all innovation expenditures of German industry
  • 24% of total patent applications in Germany (13,500 per year)


  • EUR 203 billion (13% of total German exports)


  • EUR 190 billion

Source: German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers' Association (ZVEI) 2021

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