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Modern office Building in Frankfurt, Germany Modern office Building in Frankfurt, Germany | © Nikada/Getty Images

Financial Services

The financial sector plays a fundamental role in the proper functioning of the economy and is an important key infrastructure.

The financial resources required in a modern national economy can only be provided by the presence of a stable financial system. Germany is the largest national economy in Europe and has an AAA ranking. This is because of its outstanding financial economy which acts as the “backbone“ of the real economy – accompanying and supporting further growth and development.

Fact Sheet: The Finance Sector in Germany

Germany is a major international financial center and the leading location in continental Europe. Five German cities regularly rank within the top 50 of the Global Financial Centres Index.

fact-sheet-finance-in-germany fact-sheet-finance-in-germany | © GTAI

Fact Sheet: The Finance Sector in Germany

Germany is the largest economy and the largest market in EU-27, accounting for 25 percent of EU GDP and 19 percent of total population. All European markets can be served from Germany.

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German financial centers team up as GERMANY FINANCE

The initiatives of major German financial centers founded the GERMANY FINANCE working group at the beginning of 2021.

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Germany differs from other highly centralized countries, where the capital or largest city is the most important economic and financial sector, by having a number of strong financial locations where financial centers are established.

GERMANY FINANCE is an informal association of the German financial center initiatives from Frankfurt, Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Munich and Stuttgart with the aim of increasing and communicating the attractiveness and diversity of Germany as a financial center.The participating organizations have initiated a joint platform to further promote the continuous exchange among each other and to provide a central point of contact for people from Germany and abroad who are interested in Germany as a financial center. 


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