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Private Equity and Venture Capital

There are around 400 associate companies that invest in around 1,000 companies per year resident in Germany. More than 5,500 companies are managed in the portfolios in total.

In 2021, private equity (PE) investment totaled EUR 12.6 billion, with investments being made in a total of more than 950 companies. Venture capital (VC) was invested in more than 60% of the companies.

Private Equity Investments

The ICT sector accounts for 47 percent of all industry sector funding in 2021, followed by consumer goods and services (18%) and biotech & healthcare (11%).

A geographical breakdown of private equity investment by federal state puts Berlin out front with EUR 4,887 million for the year, followed by Bavaria (EUR 2,522 million), North Rhine-Westphalia (EUR 1,255 million), and Hamburg (EUR 1,185 million).

Source: German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association e.V. (BVK) 2022

Investment in Germany by Financing Phase (in mio EUR)
Investment in Germany by Financing Phase (in mio EUR)
Number of Financed Companies by Financing Phase
Number of Financed Companies by Financing Phase

VC Investments

According to an EY study, most venture capital in 2021 was invested in FinTech & InsurTech (EUR 3,767 million) followed by E-Commerce (EUR 3,711 million) and Software & Analytics (EUR 3,587 million).

Countrywide, Berlin secured the most VC investment funding with EUR  10,478 million in 2021 according to the EY study. The German capital was followed by Bavaria (EUR 4,432 million), Baden-Württemberg (EUR 599 million),  North Rhine-Westphalia (EUR 566 million), and Hamburg (EUR 459 million).

Source: EY “Start-up-Barometer Deutschland” 2022

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