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Electronics & Microtechnology

Strengthening Microelectronics in Europe

The European Commission has set new targets for semiconductor production by 2030, launching a EUR 43 billion initiative to establish the European Union as a global leader in semiconductor development and production.

Chips for Europe Initiative

  • EUR 11 billion in public investment until 2030 from the European Union and member countries. This funding will also lead to significant private investment leverage.
  • The initiative will be implemented by the Digital Europe and Horizon Europe programs.
  • Digital Europe supports digital capacity building in key areas including artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and high-performance computing.
  • Horizon Europe focuses on precompetitive research, technology development, and semiconductor and materials innovation.

European Semiconductor Act

The European Commission (EC) has announced proposals to instigate new legislation to establish Europe as an internationally leading semiconductor production site by the end of the decade. The EC has set a 20 percent target of global semiconductor provision by 2030. The plans will guarantee security of semiconductor supply in response to the ongoing global shortage of semiconductors.

More than EUR 11 billion in funding to the end of the decade will be ploughed into the initiative in order to create semiconductor hubs across the European Union, develop new semiconductor technologies, improve design and engineering capabilities, and help companies in the semiconductor value chain obtain financing and equity. By 2030, more than EUR 43 billion in public and private investment and measures will be mobilized to strengthen Europe’s position in the semiconductor market.

European Semiconductor Act - Key Measures

  • Investment in next generation technologies
  • Access to design tools and pilot lines for the prototyping, testing and experimentation of cuttingedge chips
  • Certification procedures for energyefficient and trusted chips to ensure quality and security for critical applications
  • Investor-friendly framework for establishing manufacturing facilities
  • Support for innovative startups, scale-ups and SMs in accessing equity finance
  • Promotion of skills, talent and innovation in microelectronics
  • Tools for anticipating and responding to semiconductor shortages and crises to safeguard security of supply
  • Creation of semiconductor partnership with likeminded countries

Important Project of Common European Interest: Microelectronics

Thirty-two microelectronics business projects have been selected for support as part of an Important Project of Common European Interest (IPCEI) to promote Europe and Germany as semiconductor production sites.

Investment volume of more than EUR 10 billion has been set aside for the 32 projects selected by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action. Funding will be provided for projects across the value chain in order to promote innovation and ensure guarantee of supply in Europe.

The selected projects include production of materials, chip design, semiconductor production, and integration into components and systems. Twenty EU member states – including Germany – and around 90 countries count among the IPCEI participants.

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