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Company Formation

”Mini-GmbH" (Limited Liability Entrepreneurial Company)

The Limited Liability Entrepreneurial Company “Unternehmergesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt)" is a start-up version of the GmbH with a share capital of less than EUR 25,000. It is often referred to as "Mini-GmbH".

The Mini-GmbH is a private limited liability company with a minimum capital of less than EUR 25,000. In order to compensate the initial absence of capital, the company has to retain a quarter of its annual profit until it has accumulated the minimum shareholder capital of an ordinary GmbH (i.e. EUR 25,000). The accumulated capital can then be converted into share capital and the Mini-GmbH altered into a standard GmbH.

Mini-GmbH formation

The Mini-GmbH is generally subject to the same legal duties and rights as the standard GmbH (excepting the above-mentioned specific provisions). The formation procedure is also the same as that for a standard GmbH. However, the share capital has to be contributed fully and contributions in kind are not possible when establishing a Mini-GmbH.

For uncomplicated standardized formation of a Mini-GmbH, model articles are provided. These articles must still be notarized, but for a reduced fee.

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