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Episode 3: New hopes on chips

- February 2023 -

Starting in the 1990s, microchip production migrated to low-wage countries in Asia, but now it’s returning to Germany and elsewhere in Europe. Intel’s huge German investment is a sign of the times.

Starting in the 1990s, chip production migrated to low-wage countries in Asia.  Does Europe have any chance of enticing it back? It has! In this episode we’ll talk to the woman leading Intel’s big expansion in Germany. And get insights from the managing director of something called Silicon Saxony.

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The cast

Christin Eisenschmid, Intel Christin Eisenschmid, Intel | © Christin Eisenschmid, Intel

 Christin Eisenschmid

She is Managing Director, Vice President and General Manager of Intel Germany and responsible for leading Intel's operations in Germany. Christin has spent 30 years of her career in the semiconductor industry, holding management positions at Siemens Semiconductors and Infineon before joining Intel more than a decade ago. In this podcast, she gives insights about Intel’s plans in Magdeburg.



Frank Boesenberg, Silicon Saxony Frank Boesenberg, Silicon Saxony | © Tommy Halfter

Frank Bösenberg 

Managing Director at Silicon Saxony – Germany’s biggest high-tech-network. Together with national and regional investment promotion agencies, Silicon Saxony is helping bring international – as well as  German – companies to Dresden.






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