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Episode 7: Logistics Reloaded

- June 2023 -

Thanks to geography, Germany is the heart of European logistics and shipping - and one of the world's leading markets. But recent developments are forcing a reload. 

Germany is the heart of European logistics and shipping - and one of the world's leading logistics markets. But geopolitical concerns and the need for sustainability is forcing a reload. We talk to the head of digitalization at DHL and a popular logistics podcaster about where the sector is headed.

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Our guests

Andreas Loewe Dies ist ein eingebettetes Bild | © Andreas Loewe

Andreas Löwe

Andreas Löwe has “something to do with logistics”. His main occupation is the integration 
of automation technology and software at the Norwegian company “AutoStore”. In addition,
together with his team at "Irgendwas mit Logistik" (Something to do with logistics), he puts 
the poor image of the logistics industry in perspective. With exciting stories from the 
everyday life of logistics professionals and conversations with relevant personalities in the 
logistics world, interesting content is created week after week in audio, video and text.



Thomas Grunau Dies ist ein eingebettetes Bild | © Thomas Grunau

Thomas Grunau

Thomas Grunau has over 10 years of experience in digital logistics. He was appointed 
the Senior Vice President of Global Business Strategy & Digitalization at DHL Global 
Forwarding in June 2019. Under his leadership DHL Global Forwarding has developed 
with the customer portal myDHLi an industry-leading customer portal, that allows DGF 
customers to collaborate with their supplier, customers and partners and to have a 360 
degree view on their shipments. 


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