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INTO GERMANY! The German business podcast

INTO GERMANY is the German business podcast in the English language. Every month we take a fast-paced but in-depth look at one of the hottest sectors and round up some of the most intriguing stories from Europe’s largest economy.

Whether you’re an international businessperson already into Germany or just curious about EXPANDING your company to the heart of the EU, we’ve got lots of on-the-ground success stories. Plus some helpful hints about how Germany works – and could work for you. So tune in every month to INTO GERMANY! Because Germany means business.

A New HYlight: Germany’s Growing Green Hydrogen Economy

Green hydrogen is one of the key technologies for accelerating Germany's transition to clean energy and climate neutrality.

In this episode

In our first episode, we meet a businessman who decided to go green and began producing hydrogen-run vehicles. We also talk to the head of the HY-5 initiative, which promotes hydrogen-related projects and business in the five regional states of Germany’s windy north.

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The cast

Dirk Graszt, CEO - CL-Management Dirk Graszt, CEO - CL-Management | © Paul Schimweg

Dirk Graszt is the CEO of Clean Logistics, a publicly listed company that’s advancing the sustainable future by producing hydrogen-electric, zero-emission trucks. A trained economist, Graszt has more than three decades of professional experience in management positions at logistics and transportation companies. He started Clean Logistics after being frustrated by the lack of sustainable transport options.

Heike Tipmonta, Executive Assistant at Hamburg Heike Tipmonta, Executive Assistant at Hamburg | © Heike Tipmonta

Heike Tipmonta is responsible for steering the hydrogen marketing activities of Hamburg and heads the HY-5 initiative of that city and the regional states of Bremen, Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and Schlewig-Holstein. Her background is in brand consulting and marketing.

Read more about Germany's thriving hydrogen industry and the government's ambitious plans for decarbonizing German industry

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