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Markets Germany 1/19 - CHAIN OF TRUST

Blockchain – the controversial encryption technology behind bitcoin – comes of age as investors, company executives, and even politicians embrace its potential to transform global industry.

Cover Markets Germany 1/19 Cover Markets Germany 1/19 | © GTAI/KammanRossi

Decentralized, secure, self-controlling, and revolutionary. Blockchain is all that and much, much more. Apart from enabling so-called cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, it provides the technical infrastructure upon which a new kind of internet can be developed; indeed, the future success of the digital economy as a whole could depend on it. The evolution of blockchain from a controversial to a game-changing technology – and why Berlin is at the epicenter of it – is the cover story of this issue of Markets Germany.

For many years, industrial products that carry the "Made in Germany" mark have been widely recognized as being of the highest quality. However, this also means that foreign companies that wish to thrive in the German market must adapt their product and design to suit German tastes. Quality and functionality are the keywords here. The article "Designing in Success" offers a recipe for success.

Germany is admired the world over for its outstanding industry, its prosperous Mittelstand (SMEs), and its unique research landscape. It is a little-known fact, however, that Saxony’s mines are full of lithium. Known as “white petroleum,” the mineral is a vital component in batteries and will power the e-mobility revolution. Read on to find out how investors can profit from Germany’s vast mineral reserves.

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