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Markets Germany 1/20 - HEAVY IN LIGHTWEIGHT

Germany is a world leader in Leichtbau, or lightweight construction. And that is generating opportunities and innovation in engineering, materials technology, design and services.

Cover Markets Germany 1/20 Cover Markets Germany 1/20 | © GTAI/KammanRossi

We live in fast-moving times, and this issue of Markets Germany is all about motion. The need to transport people and things sustainably is perhaps the most pressing issue of the age. Here, German lightweight engineering will play a vital role. Making things lighter means we expend fewer resources moving them, and German engineers are working on everything from lightweight carbon-fiber air taxis to cardboard automotive parts to this end.

Travel and tourism represent another form of mobility. After all, Germany is Europe’s largest market for travel at source – worth almost EUR 60 billion in 2017. But there’s still lots of room for growth, as the online share of bookings increases and the demand for instant trip planning expands. One new company trying to meet this demand is Omio, which was founded in 2013 in Berlin as GoEuro by Indian entrepreneur Naren Shaam. It’s recently become one of Germany’s tech unicorns.

Finally, there are movements in the musical sense. Germany is famous for its music technology – everything from traditional instruments to digital innovations, including the MP3. German audio software is used on nearly every Hollywood soundtrack, while musicians the world over plug into state-of-the-art German amplifiers. So put on your favorite CD, or stream, and sit back and enjoy this mobile issue of Markets Germany.

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