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Markets Germany 2/17 - START-UP GERMANY

Digital entrepreneurs from all over the world are flocking to German cities like Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, attracted by the availability of talent, affordability and the ever-expanding start-up ecosystem.

Cover Markets Germany 2/17 Cover Markets Germany 2/17 | © GTAI/KammanRossi

Affordable rents, access to a well-educated and highly-skilled workforce with realistic salary expectations, a science-oriented environment and an ecosystem to support innovation: these are the ideal conditions for any start-up to thrive in. And Berlin can offer the whole package. Little wonder Germany’s capital city is now perceived throughout the world as Europe’s most exciting start-up capital.

Entrepreneurs looking for proximity to Germany’s more traditional industries may also consider setting up shop in Munich. Siemens and BMW are both headquartered there, and IBM is investing heavily in Bavaria’s capital, choosing to base its global research headquarters for the ‘Internet of Things’ there. The rents are not as cheap as in Berlin, but the universities are world-class.

Hamburg’s start-up scene offers a similar mix of technological expertise, networking and incubation opportunities. Start-ups can benefit from the Airbus Factory, the modern mega-harbor and a well-stablished local media industry. And that’s just three examples.

The list of international start-up hubs in Germany just continues to grow – so it’s no coincidence that the focus of this edition is ‘Start-up Germany’. Brexit looms large and financial instability stalks the global economy, but foreign entrepreneurs can be assured of a stable and friendly foundation in Germany.


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