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Markets Germany 2/20 - CONFRONTING CORONA

Sensible health policy, scientific infrastructure, support for businesses, social solidarity and a bit of inspiration and luck … all reasons why Germany’s early crisis measures have worked.

Cover Markets Germany 2/20 Cover Markets Germany 2/20 | © GTAI/KammanRossi

As this issue of Markets Germany is published, Germany is in an unprecedented social and economic lockdown to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Much will have undoubtedly changed in the world, and far be it from me or Germany Trade & Invest to predict what the future will hold. For this reason, you will note that this issue of Markets Germany is mostly not about the pandemic. We simply don’t know what is to come.

The one major exception is our interviews. GTAI Managing Director of Investor Consulting Achim Hartig talks about the effects of the coronavirus crisis on Germany and the opportunities that may result. Meanwhile, GTAI Director of Chemicals and Health Marcus Schmidt discusses German pharmaceutical and biotech companies’ efforts to develop a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2. Those firms include CureVac, which made headlines as the extent of the virus in the West was becoming known this spring, and BioNTech, which is working together with U.S. pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

The coronavirus has destroyed lives and livelihoods around the world. Yet life goes on. If there is any cause for optimism, it’s the tremendous creativity that people around the world, including Germany, are displaying in finding solutions to all sorts of problems. Examples of this ingenuity abound on these pages. 

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