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Markets Germany 3/18 - AI'S TIME HAS COME

From healthcare to production, logistics to sales and marketing, there are few sectors that will not be transformed by artificial intelligence (AI). We survey Germany’s thriving and upcoming AI clusters.

Cover Markets Germany 3/18 Cover Markets Germany 3/18 | © GTAI/KammanRossi

Global accountancy firm PwC estimates that the consistent use of artificial intelligence (AI) could boost the global economy by €13.4tn – a truly auspicious sum. AI is forecast to increase Germany’s gross domestic product by 11.3 percent over the same period. This reflects the country’s position as a highly attractive market for AI and a world leader in research and development in this field. These are two good reasons to invest in Germany: we explain how, where, and why in the “Focus” pages of the current issue of Markets Germany.

Have you ever heard of Görliwood? Maybe not, but you know probably Wes Anderson’s movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, which was shot in Görlitz in Saxony. Görlitz – known as Görliwood in the film industry – is one of the favourite locations for European and Hollywood film productions in Germany’s eastern federal states, alongside Berlin and the legendary studios in Potsdam-Babelsberg. In the article “Lights, Camera, und Bitte!” we look at what makes the region a true Eldorado for filmmakers.

What do the cities of Munich, with 1.5m inhabitants and home to the headquarters of BMW and Siemens, and Bottrop, with 117,000 inhabitants, have in common, apart from the fact that both cities are in Germany? They are both laboratories for the development of an emerging phenomenon known as the “Smart City.” Around the world, more and more people are making cities their home, and in Germany, solutions are being developed to optimize urban living, which will benefit both people and the environment. Find out more in the article “A Tale of Two Smart Cities.”


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