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Markets Germany 3/19 - SMART HOSPITALS

German healthcare facilities are at the forefront of digital transformation. Day-to-day operations will be revolutionized by high-tech innovations.

Cover Markets Germany 3/19 Cover Markets Germany 3/19 | © GTAI/KammanRossi

Sooner or later all of us will need healthcare, so we all want our hospitals to be as up-to-date and intelligent as possible. In today’s world that means digitalization. Our title feature, ‘Smart Hospitals,’ shows how Germany is leading the way in digital health with innovators like apo-Qlar. The Hamburg company has teamed up with Microsoft, among others, to deliver ‘smart glasses’ that give surgeons virtual 3D views of patients before and during operations. That’s just one of the many innovations in Germany that are making the prospect of ‘going under the knife’ a little less scary.

One way to stay healthy is cycling. But not every rider wants to provide the entire pedal power needed to get from A to B. It’s no wonder then that electric bicycles – both imports and exports – are all the rage in Germany. As our piece ‘Blazing Saddles’ explores, the number of e-bikes sold in Germany rose from 380,000 in 2012 to a whopping 980,000 in 2018.

The Energiewende, Germany’s transition to sustainable power sources, is also good for everyone’s wellbeing. 2019 saw a number of records set in regard to the amount of electricity generated from renewable sources in Germany. Our report ‘Greening the Future’ examines the country’s changing energy infrastructure and the opportunities it’s opening up for foreign companies.

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