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Natural Disaster Protection and Assistance (2)
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  • May 20, 2022 Tender Notice El Salvador Climate Change
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    Consulting Services, Climate Change Adaption (Green and Gray Infrastructure)

    Cancellation Notice KfW

    Financing: KfW Entwicklungsbank

    The acquisition process has been cancelled because the economic offers submitted by the bidders are substantially higher than the available budget.

    Program description:
    It encompasses green and gray infrastructure measures to reduce the risks of flooding, landslides, and wind, as well as the strengthening of institutions and the population. The objective of the program is to protect and prepare the beneficiary population living in Precarious Urban Settlements (AUP –...

  • Dec 23, 2021 Tender Notice West Africa Insurance
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    Consulting Services, Development and Implementation of a Parametric Insurance Product

    Tender Award

    Financing: KfW Entwicklungsbank

    Brief description of the Contract:
    Program Objective:
    The objective of the program is to finance climate protection and adaptation investments in WAEMU member countries through loans covered against natural disasters (PACAN/SRL). It is envisaged that the loans will be extended via the West African Development Bank (BOAD). The target group is the poor population of the WAEMU member states affected by natural disasters and thus benefiting from investments in climate protection and adaptation as well as...

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