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Tender Notice Armenia Forestry, Landscaping

Consulting Services, Biodiversity and Sustainable Local Development in Armenia


  • Country Armenia
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ201867001/KfW510925
  • Subject Consulting Services Biodiversity and Sustainable Local Development in Armenia


The Government of Armenia has received a grant from KfW Development Bank towards the cost of a project whose purpose is to enhance the management of forests and the conservation of biodiversity-rich areas, and to improve the socio-economic conditions of communities living in such areas. The Forestry Component is focused on establishing sustainable forestry management and forest sanctuary governance. The Ministry of Environment (MoE) of the Republic of Armenia is the Implementing Agency for this project.


Requested Consultant Services: 

The tasks of the Consultant of this assignment are comprehensive and include the assistance to MoE for the technical and administrative management of the forest component, technical support in the field of forestry such as capacity building, information management, organisational development, procurement, contract management, and reporting. The services are to be delivered by a team comprising long-term and short-term staff and other professional and administrative support staff. Efficient management and backstopping services shall be made available.

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