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Tender Notice Bolivia Water Supply, Irrigation

Consulting Services, Drinking Water Supply and System Improvement


  • Country Bolivia
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ201665363/BMZ201669126/KfW509326; LPI001/2024
  • Subject SUCRE IV Drinking Water and Sanitary Sewage Program


  • The Program contemplates the construction of a drinking water treatment plant and main conduction pipes for the city of Sucre, as well as the construction of a water delivery and delivery system.
    In this way, it is intended to contribute to the improvement of health, environmental and living conditions of the population in the coverage area.
    In this context, the Consultant who is awarded this tender will support the EE as a Preparation and Implementation Consultant.

Requested services:

  • Consulting services include, among others, the following EE support components:
  • Preparation of the final designs of the works planned in the program.
  • Preparation of environmental and social documents (ESIAS, PPP, PGAS).
  • Preparation of bidding documents (general and specific conditions, technical specifications, etc.) for all supplies, works and services related to them.
  • Support and advice in the bidding and contracting of supplies, works and services.
  • Support in the supervision of supplies, works and services, including the respective start-ups, provisional and definitive receptions.
  • Support during the warranty period of the works and notification of defects.
  • Support in the administrative and financial execution of the project.

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