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Tender Notice China Public Transportation

Signaling, Communication, ISCS and AFC (Lanzhou Urban Rail Transit Line 2)

Tender Award

  • Country China
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ202083947/KfW505903; ICB No.: 0702-2150CITC1197/05
  • Subject Lanzhou Urban Rail Transit Line 2 Phase I

Brief description of the Contract:

Lanzhou Urban Rail Transit Line 2 Phase I (hereinafter referred to as “the Project”)

Scope of work:

  • integration and construction (including construction of automatic fire alarm system) of special communication, public security communication, technical prevention (including security inspection, video monitoring, parking lot security and security integration platform), passenger information, signal, comprehensive monitoring (including environment and equipment monitoring system, access control system), and AFC system (Hereinafter referred to as "weak current systems") of Lanzhou Urban Rail Transit Line 2 (Dongfanghong square ~ Yanbei section). It includes the design, design liaison, supervision, manufacture, ex factory inspection, insurance, packaging and delivery, transportation, storage, delivery, construction and installation, testing, test, comprehensive joint commissioning, safety assessment, acceptance, trial operation, opening, equipment performance confirmation, personnel training, provision of spare parts, instruments and tools, the 24-month defects notification period and the concurrent 24-month warranty period.

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