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Tender Notice Germany Hydrogen

Consulting Services/Expert Opinion, Certification and proof of origin of imported green hydrogen and PtX products

Tender Award

  • Country Germany
  • Financing Bundesrepublik Deutschland (BRD)
  • Subject H2Global
  • Further Information Financing: BMZ

Brief description of the Contract:

Hydrogen (H2) and Power-to-X (PtX) value chains are long, complex, and resource-intensive, especially for imports across borders and jurisdictions. Appropriate, credible and (internationally) agreed sustainability standards are the basis for climate-neutral, socially and environmentally green H2 and PtX production. An appropriate sourcing and certification scheme must help to ensure climate neutrality and other sustainability standards, such as compliance with SDGs, as well as transparency, public acceptance and financial support. There are already initiatives to prove the origin of green hydrogen. A certification system needs to be adapted to the new standards and regulations from RED II and RED III. In addition, there is a lack of a certification system that goes beyond EU borders to include possible export countries from the Global South and that includes other standards and sustainability criteria that apply to PtX products in addition to proof of origin. The specific objective of this expert opinion report is therefore the conceptual development of a standard-compliant system for the certification of green H2 and PtX products

Requested Consulting Services:

  • the Consultant shall analyse the most important standards and criteria regarding "green" components along existing certification systems in terms of best practices as well as identify existing deficits in a gap analysis. In addition, concrete technical requirements and expectations for a proof of origin and certification system for green H2 and PtX products shall be analysed considering existing regulations and their (potential future) requirements. Proposals for a certification system shall be developed allowing a rapid market ramp-up and bridging the period until standards and proof of origin certificates will be defined and set within the EU and on an international level.

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