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Tender Notice Georgia Energy Efficiency

Consulting Services, Energy Efficiency Measures in Public Buildings

Tender Award

  • Country Georgia
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ201768696
  • Subject Energy Efficiency Measures and Approach to EU-Energy Efficiency Standards in Buildings

Brief description of the Contract:

Within the above Project the rehabilitation of up to 25 selected public buildings should be financed. A special focus for the Project represents the social infrastructure of the Municipality. Therefore, the vast majority of pre-selected public buildings are kindergartens. The rehabilitation should encompass EE measures as well as necessary structural and selected comfort measures. During the rehabilitation, state-of-the-art technical EE-standards oriented to European standards are to be implemented exemplary in existing buildings.

The implementation consultant shall support the Municipality during the planning, supervision and implementation of the rehabilitation measures over the implementation period of 48 months (presumably starting in June 2019). Besides the implementation assistance, the consultant should also support the mutual exchange of practical experiences gained during the EE building rehabilitation on the national level. The relevant national stakeholders are organized in a National Working Group (NWG) which should serve as a platform to discuss recent developments in the EE building sector (e.g. best practices gained from Batumi, relevant regulatory changes etc.).

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