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Tender Notice Georgia Public Transportation

Consulting Services, Sustainable Urban Mobility Project

Cancellation Notice KfW

  • Country Georgia
  • Financing KfW Entwicklungsbank
  • Reference Number BMZ201970144/KfW506118


as unforeseeably the underlying fundamental conditions for the Tender Process have changed significantly in the course of the tender process


In the two largest Georgian cities, Tbilisi and Batumi, increasing urbanization, growing prosperity, as well as inadequate planning and provision of the urban mobility infrastructure have led to overutilization of the existing urban transport systems and a strong increase in motorized individual traffic. The traffic management and transport modes of the two cities are therefore to be aligned with climate protection goals and to contribute to better living conditions for the
The development of a sustainable mobility infrastructure is intended to increase the quality and coverage of local public transport, improve the conditions for the use of non-motorized modes of transport and thus strengthen the attractiveness of the environmental alliance (local public transport, cycling and pedestrian traffic) as an alternative to motorized individual transport. This aims to create the prerequisites for reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and thus improve
the climate and environmental compatibility of the transport system. The citizens of Batumi and Tbilisi shall benefit at the same time from an improved air quality and an overall higher quality of life. Positive effects are also intended for economic development as a whole, especially in the areas of trade and tourism.

The project aims to achieve the following overall objectives:

o The infrastructure of the environmental-friendly transportation networks (public transport, cycling, walking) for the everyday mobility of the population is improved.
o The efficiency of public transport processes is improved and travel times along the main traffic routes are shortened.
o The safety of women and girls is increased in public transport facilities (excl. metro) and in public areas covered by the project.
o Knowledge for sustainable operation of transport systems, including technical design, capacity planning and pricing, is developed.

In order to achieve these objectives, an Implementation Consultant and, as optional services, an Accompanying Measures Consultant are being sought through this tendering procedure, who support the city administrations of Tbilisi and Batumi in this transition.

The contract period for Lot 1 and Lot 2 is expected to be six years. All Consultants are expected to align and coordinate their activities. The optional Accompanying Measures services will probably start one to three years after commencement of the main consulting services.

Requested Services:

The tendered consulting services relate to the planning and design, the preparation of the tender(s) and the support to the implementation of the Sustainable Urban Mobility project.

The subject of the present tendered (main) Consulting Services for both lots are five activities, namely to support the respective project executing agency in:

Activity 1: Critical review of the pre-feasibility studies and update of investment plan,
Activity 2: Detailed planning and design of selected measures,
Activity 3: Procurement (preparation and execution of the tender/award) and assistance during the project implementation,
Activity 4: Capacity building and training, and
Activity 5: Stakeholder/public engagement and participation

The subject of the present tendered (optional) Consulting Services/Accompanying Measures for both lots are as follows:
o Needs assessment
o Management skills and institutional expertise (MPS and TDA /transport operators)
o Technical management (MPS and TDA)
o Public Relations (MPS and TDA / City Administration)
o Human Resources (MPS and TDA)
o Environmental, climate and social concerns (MPS and TDA city administration)
o Financial planning and accounting (MPS and TDA)

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